12 January 2010

Blog Feature and a Giveaway: Suzanne

1. Tell us about yourself! (your name, your age, what you do etc)
Hi! I'm Suzanne, I'm 33 and live in beautiful Kelowna, BC (Canada). I am happily married, for over 6 years now, to my Texan hubby - and we have a cute black kitty named Josie. I have a full time office job as an administrator but my passion lies with my little crafty/jewelry business (http://suzannemade.com). I love to making pretty things by hand!

2. What kind of crafts are you into right now?
Art journals, sewing fun little zippy pouches, making stationary and designing hand-stamped charm jewelry.

3. What are some of your current obsessions?
Instant photos, stuff from the 80's, owls acorns & squirrels (always), vintage pyrex & typewriters, journals/notebooks/planners, charms, skeleton keys

4. What is one of your crafty goals for 2010?
To expand my little business to include prints of my paintings and photography.

5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?
I have a pretty quirky sense of humour and I think that comes across in my writing/blogging. I also like to feature indie artists that not everyone has seen before, as well as luxe finds that no one can afford but always makes for good eye candy! I will occasionally throw in a fab recipe I've discovered or share a good book or movie I love. I'm pretty eclectic, so I always have a little something for everyone :)

6. Name your 5 favorite blogs! (with the links so I can link them)
Oh man, there are so many I love... here are 5 at random!
My Polaroid Blog
You Are My Fave
Lovely Design
The Unicorn Diaries
Cafe Cartolina

I would love to do a giveaway - I'll offer a $15 gift certificate to my shop. All you have to do is visit my shop and tell me in the comments here what your two favorite items are!!

*** You have until Friday to enter this giveaway. I (janel) will use a random number genereator to choose a winner!! I totally wish that I could enter because I LOVE all of her creations!!
Thanks again!
Let's leave all of my blog feature friends some comment love here!!


  1. yeah!! the first comment:)
    I absolutely love Suzanne's shop. Thank you so much for introducing her in your blog...
    As for my favourite items: I love the hello operator necklace and the shooting star necklace...and also the "Let's Run Away" painting.

  2. i love 3 - the antique key, the love letter and the camera necklace that's in the homepage...!
    super cute stuff suzanne!

  3. Oh, how lovely! Suzanne's creations are adorable! I really love The Blossom Necklace and the Sew Lovely Necklace. And I hope I get to be picked for this giveaway *fingers crossed*

  4. Oh my, what a cute little store, Suzanne!

    And great introduction! :-)

    I absolutely adore that Love Letter necklace, it made me swoon. My second favorite item is the Bonjour stationary, it reminded me of my days in French class.

  5. I love the Sweet Stapler necklace and antique key and pearl necklace.


  6. I love the "Lets Run Away" painting as my husband and I have this conversation oh, atleast once per month. ha! I also love the "Love Letter" necklace with the little envelope. So very cute.

  7. I love the Heart Shaped Box necklace and the Sweet Stapler necklace.

    I love that you put a red accent on the stapler, reminds me of the Red Stapler from Office Space.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Wow... the shop is amazing. I don't know how to decide which is my favorite, but if I have to narrow it down I love:
    *The love letter necklace
    *Sunshine on a cloudy day necklace
    *and the stapler necklace

    I am so glad you are doing these little spotlights. I love finding new blogs and beautiful handmade goodies!!

  9. great giveaway!

    I love the sewing machine necklace and the key but there are all great!



  10. I'm going to check out her shop right now! :)


  11. I love Suzanne's shop! It's hard to for me to pick my favorites cause I love everything so much! I really like the Antique Key and pearl necklace, the amethyst and teal necklace, purpley blues charm necklace, and the pink rainbow moonstone necklace!

    I told you I liked it all! :)


  12. My 2 fav Suzanne pieces are "Let's Run Away" painting and the heart shaped box necklace!!! Love these blog features Janel :D

  13. i love both the camera necklace and the telephone necklace!!!! the telephone one reminds me of a phone i used to have for my barbies :)

  14. I loveee her shop :). And giveaways are so exciting! My two favorite itmes are the Chandelier Drop Necklace and the stapler necklace! SO CUTE!

  15. love this shop! i'm a fan of the camera necklace, love letter necklace, and heart box necklace.

    oh and the blossom necklace...

    so gorgeous :)

  16. hmm, i can't narrow it down to two!!

    Silver Moss Quartz necklace, Sweet Stapler Necklace, Love Letter necklace, Santorini necklace, Cherry Pop necklace...

    those paintings are pretty :)

    But if I won the giveaway I'd get the 'hello...goodbye' paper set. I love the curved edges of the paper AND love writing letters :)

    Thanks for feature/giveaway Suzanne & Janel!!

  17. the love letter necklace and the shooting star necklace are so cute!

  18. I love the Sew Lovely & Love Letter Necklaces and the Hello/Goodbye stationary set!
    Thanks and have a wonderful week!


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