14 October 2008

13 October 2008


You know what that means?  That means only 4 more days until Friday!!  Is it bad that I am already there...where I am craving the weekend on a Monday?  At least I have exciting things going on throughout my week to help these 4 days go by more quickly.
Tuesday, Weight Watchers day:  Not really sure if I will have much success this week (they call it the dreaded week 2) but I still get so excited to track progress.  The fact that I am going to a meeting and being more conscience of what I eat is definitely progress within itself.  
Wednesday night:  My favorite night!!  I know that I have written a post before describing why Wednesday is my favorite so I won't bore you with the details...only a small recap:  hump day, Bible Study with my siestas, America's Next Top Model, and Project Runway Season Finale!!  (I still can't believe Jerell is gone!)  
Thursday, is The Office and then...
What makes this Friday so awesome??  Early Release day. I get the entire afternoon to get my art website online.  Hooray for that!
Ok, I need a project...I have this overwhelming surge of creativity just oozing out of my body and looking for somewhere to go. I made this really cool art journal/sketchbook last night (or this morning) at 1:00 am.  That is how bad this urge to craft is.  I am in love with the Love, Elsie line of scrapbook products.  I just wish that I owned some of it :)  I picked a bad time to be broke!! Does anyone have any crafty projects that they need done?  I have nothing to do, yet all of the creativity to do it :)  Ahh!  Maybe I should be putting this energy into cleaning my house or ironing?  No thank you!  That is definitely a Tuesday night activity I think.
Ok, my ramblings need to come to an end.  Good night my blogging lovelies!!

P.S. I saw Beverly Hills Chihuahua this weekend (it's ok because I have a chihuahua)!  It was super cute :)  I recommend it.

12 October 2008

New blog and a give-a-way!!!

Well, I hope that everyone has found their way over to our new blog.  It was a rough weekend but I think that we are back in business.  I am sad that there is no way to get back into my old blog. Fortunately, I had made Adam a book of our blog on blurb about a month before the drama so we do have it in print.  It's frustrating but in the large scheme of things, it's nothing compared to other problems in the world.  So, I am trying to get a new blog banner created to spice this plain page up :)  We shall see what comes from that.  I am going to "Stamp-a-Stack" today at a Stampin Up party.  I am excited because we create 5 different cards (5 of each different card) that we can use as Christmas cards.  They are always so cute and then I will have at least 25 hand made cards to send out this year.  Then, tonight I am going to spend some quality time with my Aunt, Bri, Susan, Gabby, Katherine, and Lynette (Desperate Housewifes).  I haven't caught one episode this season so my aunt is going to catch me up before the episode tonight!!!  Alright friends, have a great Sunday :)  Praise the Lord for everything today!!!

Okay, here is the give-a-way part...leave a comment on our new blog (so that I know you found us) and the winner (who will be picked on Wednesday night) will win a special treat!!!  It will be a surprise but I promise that it is good!!!  Leave a comment!