18 January 2010


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day :) One of my most favorite holidays of the year!
Did you know this?
"January 15 is the birthday of the Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was declared a holiday in 1983. However, it was first observed in 1986 -- despite the president's saying it would cause a financial burden and a senator's linking King to communism. A popular musician spurred a campaign for the holiday, and a petition gathered so many supporting signatures that it was declared the largest petition for an issue in U.S. history."
I think that is so rad.
On Martin Luther King Jr. day, I always make birthday cupcakes and I always pop in my MLK CD's and revel in his speeches.
My favorite speech is the speech that he gave the night he was killed, I've Been To The Mountain Top. It is 19 minutes and 32 seconds of inspiration :) Soooo worth it.
I also take a little bit of time, in silence, to thank GOD that I live in a time where I can't even fathom segregation or racisim. I know that it's still happening in places, i do, but it has never happened in my little world and I am so thankful for that.
When i listen to his words or watch videos, or even when I teach about to my students it is soooo hard for me to imagine those types of things happening to people due to their color.
It literally makes me sick to my stomach every. single. time.
I also love that my students can't fathom it. They literally see NO differences whatsoever in skin color. I teach at a very multi-culturally diverse school and the students there see friendship, not color. That makes me so happy.
I found this video on youtube this morning, and I liked it. My favorite video that I always watch on MLK day is no longer on youtube :( This one is good though (there is a tiny bit of violence in it but I feel that it's important to see what it was like back then).

So, today I want to be thankful for people who spread the words of love and peace, and Jesus, and dreams:)
* be thankful
* listen to a speech
* watch the video
* eat a cupcake <3
* enjoy your day off


  1. How sad is this....I work for a Department of defence government contractor, and we do not have this day off. I can hardly believe it. So, I am at work reading about your celebrations for this day and thinking about what a great man MLK was. His memory lives on!

  2. Wow! I never knew most of that info! Thanks sweets!
    I miss you!!

  3. amazingly inspiring! i'm glad you shared that Janel!

  4. I really enjoyed spending the day with you girls. Good thing you did not go with us car wash was 1 hour wait. We scooted. Love KAB


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