31 October 2010

Happy Halloween.

I hope everyone has a super fun and safe night tonight!
Eat lots of candy!

Here are some winners...

The winner of My Girl Thursday's giveaway is...

and the winner of Kamika's cupcake embroidery is...

Please contact our hosts and let them know!!!
Also,  check back tonight for some more really cute sponsors for November!! And remember tomorrow starts the Thankful 30 Challenge!!!

29 October 2010

oh deer.

(image source)

It's Friday.
It's a half day of school for students.
It's a full day for teachers.
I am finishing up my report cards.
One of my favorite teachers at my school got moved to another school today :(
I don't like it one bit.
Yesterday my mom found out that her best friend died :(  She has been a huge part of our lives forever.  We all loved her so much and the whole thing was just a huge shock to everyone...
I spent all night crying on and off.
It's great to know that she is in a MUCH better place and my mom is so happy that they had spent the whole day together before it happened.
This weekend should be a lot of fun though.
Lot's of festive things and getting ready to start my "Thankful 30" project!!
I'm crocheting this weekend.
I'm quilting this weekend.
I'm reading this weekend.
I'm apparently 75 years old :)
I love you.
Tell someone that you love them so much right now!!

28 October 2010

Sponsor Feature and Giveaway from Kamika!

Hi everyone!! 

My name is Kami and I am a happily married kraftinista chica! My hubby and I have been together for 12 years and married for 2. We live a simple love filled live full of kitties, organic veggie gardening, yummy food, blogging and lots of books. I live in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are near the mountains and forests and get all sorts of creatures visiting us like black bears and sometimes even deer!

My wee little shop is called Kamika Kraftz and it started out of a krafting habbit turned obsession. I was in a very depressed phase of my live and I started art jounraling to deal with my emotions. And then sewing. And then jewlery. And then felt minatures. And so on and so on and so on. One day I found I have a house full of happy items and I wasn't sad any more. My shop grew out of the realization that things that make us smile are SO GOOD FOR US! I hope to make lots of people msile, young and old. 

 One random fact.....well I recently found out I am pregnant! My hubby and I are expecting our little "bug" to join us in June and we are very happy!

Kamika is offering one of her cute Cupcake embroideries to one lucky Run With Scissors reader!!

All you have to do is visit her shop, leave a comment here about something you liked!!!
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27 October 2010

bento box lunches

I already know that I will definitely be the mom who writes little notes in my child's lunchbox. I still slip notes into my dad's lunchbox sometimes when Im over there :)
So, speaking of cute lunch ideas...welcome to my newest obsession!
I have actually been a tad bit obsessed with bento box lunches for awhile now and I have since, purchased some supplies to start creating my own.  I figure I will practice with my own lunches until I can start making cute lunches for my someday child (I mean there has to be some perks to having an art teacher for a mom right?)
First, let's take a look at some of the amazing bento box lunches that I have found online...

(all images found here)

(and these three are by Wendy Copely, see her entire stream of bento lunches here)

And now for my supplies....

I scored this adorable bento box, strap, and lunch bag right here.

Some tiny shape cutters for cheese and sandwiches and apple slices and other things :)
(from here)

and some adorable rice molds/containers from there as well!

I'm pretty sure I can score some adorable silicon cupcake holders and other cute containers at Target in the dollar spot :)
There are tons of adorable etsy shops and websites strictly dedicated to bento box's and accessories for cute lunches.
Such as...
little pics to use as mini forks

food partitions

and decorations! 
(all found here)

I honestly think this is going to help me look for more healthy things to add to my lunches as well!
There are tons of sites with recipes and ideas out there, all you have to do is google it!!
I can't wait to start making these!!
What do you think??

26 October 2010

shine machine...

Hello Tuesday night :)
Tonight is all about Glee, puppy sitting Picasso, and pizza.
I already appreciate this week for moving somewhat fast :)
Here is a little bit of random blogging for you tonight.

**  First off, I decided that while I wait for more pink yarn to magically appear in my yarn basket, I will start on a little baby quilt for my little soon to be.
I have been scouring the etsy world, and garage sale world for vintage linens in pinks and yellows.  
Fortunately, I happened to stumble upon my new favorite etsy shop!
Sosovintage not only has amazing product, it gets to you so fast and so perfect. I am officially in love with this shop :)

So, I cut and cut and laid out all of my squares to decide how I want this quilt to look.  
Do I want to do a simple pink, yellow, pink, yellow patchwork design?

or, do I want to do something like this lovely cross quilt??

opinions please??

**  I also wanted to share these lovely little dolls that my friend Christen made for me :)

You can pick up some of your own, in her cute little shop.

**  I stumbled upon two little treasures from when I was a baby... they are a must for Pita :)

**  Last but not least, my friend Lindsay is having a really great (really cheap) blog yard sale over on her blog!! You really should go check it out here :)

**  Oh and before I forget, a ton of people have told me that my blog feed wasn't updating in their google reader anymore?!  So, if you can, please re-add me to your google reader and it should start working again!

Love you guys!!

25 October 2010

Sponsor Feature from My Girl Thursday!

Hello friends, my name is Thursday.  I'm a new mom, compulsive crafter,

lifelong thrifter, hideaway hermit and baker extraordinaire.  I
operate a small (and mighty) Etsy shop and blog regularly at

My Etsy shop is stocked with a collection of handmade accessories -

from aprons to tote bags to belt buckles.  My work is inspired by my
love of a bygone era.  I find most of my crafting supplies at thrift
shops and yard sales.  This not only reduces waste but also adds an
authentic vintage feel to my pieces.

3.  One random fact about yourself :)

I *might* be afraid of vacuum cleaners when they are operated by

anyone but myself.  Some part of me still believes that it might eat
my toes.  I will stand on a chair to avoid such a disaster.

Thursday would love to give one lucky Run With Scissors reader a $30 gift
certificate to her lovely shop!!
SO exciting!!!

She  would also love to offer a special discount code.  For 7
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Seriously, what a deal!!!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is visit Thursday's blog and shop and leave her a compliment on this post!!!
We will be choosing a winner this Friday night :)
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Have a great day!

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A mili...

Happy Monday!!
Here are five new things I wish I had " a mili" for :)

1.  This adorable reversible apron from mygirlthursday.

2.   These beautiful pink Chrysanthemum earrings from Confectionary Trinket.

3.  this adorable shirt from em and sprout

4. This lovely pumpkin colored beret from Donna's Decembers :)

5. and of course, this amazing scissor pouch from AcornApron!

Happy browsing!!
Here is to an amazing week :)

24 October 2010


Today was our city's annual Howl-o-ween party for dogs :)
Catalina was even on the flyer for the even from last year!  She's a star.
Our city always has such cute events for dogs and dog lovers and we try to always attend.
This year was our first year having two sweet dogs to take!!
Here they are in their cute little costumes:

Catalina was Frankenstein :)

Picasso was a firefighter!! OMg isn't he the cutest little firefighter ever!!!
Out of the 15 dogs there, Catalina got third place in the Costume competition and Picasso got second.
I may be bias but I think he should have gotten first!!
Here are a couple of the other cute costume winners too:

 Mr. Rogers here won fourth place

and the cell mates here were the first place winners :)

After the costume contest, the dogs were able to shed their costumes and travel to all different kinds of stations like bobbing for toys, and tricks for treats, and other cute little activities.
After that, we played "minute to win it" with our dogs!
That was so much fun!!

too funny.
Catalina and I made it through all seven rounds and won second place at the very end :)
We are so fortunate to have such a great city!
We are also blessed to have such a wonderful family to do all of these fun things with!!
I hope your day was filled with family, sunshine, and puppy dog kisses!