31 March 2009

Tuesday inspiration?

Yikes, one week into my weekly posting and I am already a day late (and a dollar short).
So, this week I was totally inspired by the creativity of my two roomates at the conference.
First of all, Nicole, my sister.
Check out this amazing jewelry that she made and sold out of:

Love them!! I ordered one of practically everything!!! You can order your own HERE at yellowbarnart!
Next, my lovely friend Sarah, who teaches with my sister.
She made a bunch of stuff to sell at the conference and sold out as well.
Here are my favorites of what she sold:
This awesome eco-friendly mini book:

and this GORGEOUS peacock print that she made:

I loooove having creative friends :)

29 March 2009

Photo Fun!

This website is sooo much fun!
I have been wasting a lot of time on it just playing around!
Definitely try it out. There are soooo many fun things that you can choose from :)
I really liked these effecst:

I actually may have my students do something fun with this!!

27 March 2009

MAEA Art Conference

This weekend Nicole, Sarah, and I headed out to the MAEA conference.  It has been sooooo much fun!  We have made some really cool projects and sold a lot of our yellowbarnart good.  Seriously, we SOLD OUT!! 
I looooove it!
The one thing I must say, and I never thought that I would be this girl but..I miss my husband.  I have been away from him for 2 days and it is 2 days too much!
Monday he has to go back to Kansas City to work for the week, boo!
Apparently, word on the street is, it is supposed to SNOW all day tomorrow.  There is literally a winter weather advisory out.  Really, did St. Louis not get the memo that it is almost April!?!? Come on!
All I am going to say is that my birthday is April 5 and all I want for my birthday is some sunshine and warm weather.  Noooooo snow please :)
I am also getting ready to head back to school Monday after 2 weeks of vacation.  Yikes-a-roo!!
I miss my students, they are fantastic but...it's always hard to get back into the groove.
Ok friends, my other two "roomies" are falling asleep so I must go to sleep as well. 
Good nighty nights!

25 March 2009

More cruise pics!

Here are some cute pics that I stole off of my sister-in-law's Myspace page of the cruise. Oh how I wish I was back :) My tan is totally fading and my swimsuit is calling my name!!!

Man oh man do I wish I was there!!
Tomorrow I am off to the Missouri Art Educators Spring Conference!! I love these. I get soooo many cool lesson ideas! There is also a time where artists can sell their artwork or trade at the Bizarre Bazzar, and tons of times to shop with vendors and get free art supplies.
Can NOT wait :)

Oh Target, how I love thee

I am loving the fact that Target keeps hooking up with all of these amazing designers so that we (the normal people) can actually afford some of their cutie-pie things!!
Not only are their products aesthetically appealing, they are eco-friendly which makes me even more happy!! Hit up their website and read about their philosophy. I love it :)
Here are some of my favorites that will be sold at Target starting April 12.

The MIO for Target collection includes a portable organic cotton hammock (with bag), solar lawn lights, bamboo and jute twine gardening tools, recycled watering can, an herb garden made from post-consumer recycled paper, and our personal favorite (and the most practical) a composter made from recycled plastic. I seriously have wanted a compost heap since I was in elementary school. Now, I can have that gorgeous, green, composter which is sooooo much better!
The assortment will be available beginning April 12 at Target stores. An edited selection of items will be available online at Target.com.
Thank you Target!!

24 March 2009

Ok, I am sooo clueless?

I seriously am so weird?! I have no clue why I didn't think about just creating a whole new blog for Yellow Barn. Clueless!!! This way we won't lose any of our Google Readers or followers of this blog.
This way I can still have my personal blog too!!
Just join us over at Yellow Barn Art.
Add it to your google reader!
Be a follower!
Link us on your blog :)
I also want to have a blog button created for everyone to add to their blogs too!
Yellow Barn Art is going to be BIG :)
Soooooo excited!
I am officially smart!

Sketch-a-day wrap-up :D

I was a total slacker when it came to taking pictures of my sketches for this project each day.  I did however take pictures of the rest of the challenges while I was on the cruise.  I also re-did some of the past sketches (as I sometimes do, ha!)  So, here is what I have for 26-31...Enjoy!
Sketch 26:
Sketch something that you have seen of someone elses. See if you can :) Ha!
I decided to try and "copy" one of Elsie's journal covers from the RVA class...I loved the writing style and I wanted to see if I could do it.

Sketch 27:
Turn your day into a math equation.
I based mine on what my day was going to be like the next day. My anticipation of Elsie's visit :)

Sketch 28:
What phrase describes your day? Write it repeatedly:)

Sketch 29:
I doodled a picture around the linoleum cut stamp that I made for the RVA class.

Sketch 30:
I did a map of words that depicted my day. I did this on our drive to Florida for the cruise :)

I did an extra sketch, Sketch 31 because I had one page left in my "Cross My Heart" journal by Rachel:

Here are my two re-dos :)

Also, here is my favorite project right now from the RVA class. I loved this mobile that says I <3 Hand Made. I made this last night at like midnight :)I really do heart hand made too!! I think it is toooooo stinkin cutie-pie :)

And on a final note. Speaking of soooo cute...Last night I was looking all over my condo for my sweet little chihuahua, Catalina. I couldn't find her anywhere until I looked inside of Adam's un-packed suitcase :) She was asleep. She popped up right before I could take a picture but seriously, isn't she the cutest!?! I think so.

love her!

New things to come :D

Soooo, things are chaning here around this blog :) As I said before, this blog has evolved to a creative outlet for me and a source for inspiration and community with other creative people. Plus, I think that Adam has enjoyed reading the blog a lot more than actually writing blogs :) We are married now, so this blog has served it's purpose to document Adam and I's realationship from the very beginning to our marriage.
The blog is getting a make over :)
It has been a life long dream of my sister and I to start an art line/ art studio with the name : Yellow Barn Art (name by Nicole). It is a play off of our last name,
Barnholtz. Love it!
So, step one: This blog :)

It's still going to be kind of the same (I'm sure we will still have personal/relationship/pet posts, etc.)
Nicole will also be a co-owner of the blog.
We will share our inspirations and current art projects that we are doing.
The url is now http://yellowbarnart.blogspot.com  (this will be effective Friday March 27.  (Please change this in your readers or bookmarks so that you don't loose us!!)
The lovely
Holly Sarah is creating a new blog header for us.
An etsy shop will definitely be on it's way with some of our creations.
It's cool because we already have lots of people asking us for custom items!!!
What a blessing :)

We are soooo excited to finally get this off the ground :) So change our url on your Google Reader (Im not sure if you have to do this or not) and get ready to get creative!
**Also, don't forget to check out
The Spark!!! I can't wait for that to start!!

Official Sparkler :D

Oh, I am an official Sparkler now!!
My bio was posted :D

I literally can NOT wait to see some of the awesome art that all of you will be creating for these challenges :) It will be such a great way to keep creativity involved in your life at least monthly. Trust me, I know how life can get sometimes. This way, you will have a monthly prompt to keep you going. Plus, you get to win prizes!!! How cool is that? I am all about crafty competition.
Hop over to the blog, become a follower, and on April 6, let the creativity begin!
Can you tell I am soooo excited about this?
Hahaahaha :D

23 March 2009

Monday inspirations...

I decided that since I am constantly finding inspiration in magazines, online, outside, friends, etc, that I would start sharing some of the things that I have been feeling inspired by. I am going to try and make this a weekly edition to my blog. It will simply be titled...Monday inspirations. Monday, I feel, is a great day to get inspired because it is usually a day of dread for some and the beginning of an inspirational week for others.
So, this will be my first installment of Monday inspirations, Enjoy!:
* I am looooving these brightly colored outdoor chairs found here

* These 3-D looking chalk drawings by Justin the chalk artist. I wish that I could link him or more of his work but a friend sent these to me in an email! Sorry!

* I am totally loving these crayon drawings by Elsie. How cool?

* All of the lilac trees that are blooming in my neighborhood:

* I am loving the fact that everyone I know is giving me money for my birthday so that I can go to the RVA craft weekend:

* I am totally in love with my painting by Rachel. I literally stare at it. Adam and I are actally re-doing our whole spare room around this painting :)

* I am really really loving these paintings that my sister did for the craft swap! I can't wait to get mine :) I also think that she should make me an extra special sister painting too:) Don't you?

* Finally I am loving all of my moleskin journals. I seriously have three different journals going right now. One thing I really miss about the first RVA online class was Elsie's journal prompts. I love to journal. love love love. Oh yeah, that reminds me that I need to post the rest of my 30 day journaling prompt pages!! So, yay for moleskins :)

Have a wicked, awesome, and inspiring week my lovelies :)