11 January 2010

Running With Inspiration-Possibilities

Today was the first day of Jamie and I's Running with Inspiration Challenge :)
Last time we did this I found myself feeling really challenged creatively and I loved every second of it.
Even though we picked out the words for the challenge last week, I have no idea what I will be making for each word.
I wasn't sure what to do for today's word- Possibilities, until this morning when it hit me like a ton of bricks :)
Here is the story behind my creation:
When I think of possibilities, I think of the future (obviously) and things I want in my future.
For over 10 years, I have known that i was meant to adopt internationally.
Fortunately, when I met Adam, I learned that adoption was always something that he had felt led to do as well.
Because of my insane love for all things hispanic, and their amazing culture, my number one choice was Guatemala.
I honestly felt God lay Gautemala on my heart as our choice as well.
Guatemalan adoptions have been closed due to the Hague Treaty and will be closed until further notice.
Until then, we wait, we save money, we prepare our hearts, and we pray :)
Until then, we dream of all the possibilities that our future holds on this journey....
The creation:

I decided to embroider an outlined map of Guatemala on a vintage floral sheet!
What do you think??
Did anyone else join in on the challenge?
I want to see!!
Click here to see Jamie's interpretation of the word Possibilities :)


  1. i love this, janel, and have no doubt that you and adam WILL be able to adopt one day. and when you do, you will be an amazing mother! xoxo

  2. oh how fun!!! i started a goal book today... i don't know if i wanna take photos of it and share it b/c it's a lil personal at this moment and i'm sort of shy... but i'm all about trying to improve myself this year for some reason

  3. wow Janel this is awesome!! I love that I learn something new about you everytime I read one of your posts. LOVE YOU!
    P.S your amazing!

  4. i love the story behind this. the piece is really simple but the story makes it sooo sooo soo beautiful.

    love it :).

  5. I love this Janel! I'm so happy that you allow us into such a personal part of your and Adam's lives. I love getting to know you better with each post and I know eventually we will meet IRL. I will pray so that you guys are able to adopt soon, you will be amazing parents!!!!!

    Love you

  6. Love it... I wish I had all the energy that you do :)

  7. this is beautiful Janel. i am excited to go on this little journey with you and Jaime visually! and what an inspiring dream you and Adam share, that is so special that you both feel the same way. many blessings in that department!

  8. Hay un chapin perfecto para uds!!!

  9. Beautiful! I love it! I am working on mine right now and hope to be able to post it before I go to bed!

  10. Oh, I love it so much, Janel! The story behind it makes me cry. What a treasure that you've created!!!!! It's perfect!!!! xo

  11. Yay! I finished my "possibilities" craft. I posted a picture of it on my blog!

  12. I played along with you and Jamie. I posted my little creation on my blog. I can't wait for the next word.

    btw--your creation is perfect and you will see that every day to remind you--how cool!

  13. How special! International adoption has always had a special place in our hearts as well. I so hope that we all get to go along with you on this journey (however long and winding it may be!)

    I love the craft, can't wait to see what the rest of the week it! I am going to try to join in at some point too!

  14. that is such a wonderful story! i totally started to cry! adoption is so special to me [because i'm adopted and so is everyone else in my family.] you're the sweetest person! i hope someday you can adopt a baby [or child] from guatemala!

    you're embroidery is gorgeous too! :)


  15. Janel -
    That craft is so amazing. The story behind it touches my heart so deeply. I am so moved that you shared it with all of us. Thank You :)

  16. I love your story behind this piece of work. It makes it more special. I just know you will treasure it for yrs to come.

  17. i want this dream of yours to come true so badly. my dad has been over there several times and he comes back with so many good and bad stories. all of the pics he takes of the children at the churches makes me want to snuggle them up.

  18. wow. this is so amazing and inspiring. I love the meaning behind this one... a great visual reminder for you, of the possibilities to come! xo

  19. wow.. you are very special. xo


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