20 January 2010

wednesday inspiration...

Today, I was going through some pictures on my desktop that I have stored away for my Style File.
* I am going to share the ones that really moved me and filled me with inspiration this morning :)
(I'm not going to lie to you, I do not have any of the credits for these pictures and I deeply apologize.
I really try to give credit where credit is due so please please please let me know if you know where any of these pictures are from.)

This one, I do know, is my from my friend Vivs :) I love every single thing about this picture and as soon as she posted it, I was like in awe...love love love it.

yes please! I want these gloves. I wouldn't even try to be this good at knitting...seriously.

lovely, pretty, girly, frilly...all of these words come to mind :)

I have one and I want to marry it.
this couch and that vintage map are beyond perfect. I need a new couch like badly. All I am going to say about this is no wonder my newest couch was so cheap. done.

and this one because it's almost Valentines Day and I am so in love with my valentine <3


  1. Love the pictures!


  2. i have some of the pictures too! they're all so lovely though, i may have to add some more to my giant pile of photos!


  3. cute mittens! actually all your photos are cute. thanks for sharing! --:)

  4. oh boy those totoro mittens are amazing. i think i need them! even though it's the middle of summer here... hmm..
    i love all those pictures! they make my heart squee.

  5. loved all the lovely inspirational photos! :)



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