13 January 2010

slacker :)

** First off, I want to say that I am a slacker :)
I know exactly what I wanted to create for todays challenge "Inspired Mess" but I just got home and I am exhausted. Too exhausted to get out all of my supplies, plus my camera is dead! Is that enough excuses? :) I will post my project tomorrow. Promisecakes:)
I did however complete my first two style school projects but AGAIN...camera is dead.
Hopefully I can post those pictures here tomorrow as well!

** Have you been reading all of my amazing blog features?? All of these girls are so amazing and so inspiring!! I also am soooo jealous that you all get to enter these giveaways :) soooo neat!! Remember that there are lots more features and giveaways coming your way!!

** Finally, since i have no pictures of my own, I thought that I would share some lovely pictures found somewhere else :)
Holy Anthropologie!! I am in love with all of these things found in the kids section on their website.
love :)

I want kids, like right now :)
Have a great Wednesday night loves.


  1. i think i feel my ovaries kicking ;)

  2. I'm loving all your style features. They're all such adorable and creative ladies!

  3. Love all the pretty pics! Thanks for posting all the features, they are so much fun! Love you girl! Guess who has 2 thumbs and is definetly coming in March? *This girl!*

  4. i've been loving all of the features--I've definitely caught on to a few blogs I didn't know were around. thanks for helping us meet all these great ladies!

    oh anthropologie. when i'm filthy rich someday, it will be my go-to store :).

    it's okay to be exhausted--I always am!!

    thanks for all the pretty pictures :)--hope your creative energy is back in time to keep up with you!

  5. i love these. so much.

    we missed you at our chat the other night! :( how was your retreat? i think that's why you were mia.

  6. Man... those are some amazing toys! I can't imagine how I will stop myself when I have kids;)

    You are NOT a slacker! I had craft night with my mom and aunt and we crocheted so I didn't get to make my "Inspired Mess" either!

  7. OMG HAVE KIDS !!! LIKE NOW!!!!!! :-)

  8. PippiPebbles14 January, 2010

    Hey, the last one (the cute tree) you can buy here, in Belgium too!! I saw it a few weeks back at sissyboy (a dutch brand, with a store in Antwerp!)

    Yes, you're blog has reached the other end of the world!

  9. oh my. these are BEAUTIFUL!


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