31 August 2010

oh geeze

Sorry that there will be no new blog post today :) My time is being consumed with the above :)  
Only reading tonight, no writing...

30 August 2010

words of wisdom

Sometimes I just need some good quotes in my life :) You know?
So, here we are...words of wisdom via weheartit

Do you have any favorite quotes or words of wisdom??  In middle school and in highschool I used to write good quotes down all of the time.  I have four huge journals just full of handwritten and cut out quotes. I love looking through them.

29 August 2010

around the house...

I just got home a little bit ago from my mini vacation with my sister.  It was super productive yet relaxing and fun :)
Although it was a great time, it always feels good to come home :)
Here is a little photo post of things I love around the house tonight:

1.  This girl!  I missed her so much and I love how she has made a little nest in the pile of blankets in the corner.

2.  My little Momiji collection that has double in size thanks to my sweet sweet friend Christen :)

3.  And speaking of Christen, look at this amazing little doll that she made and sent for little Miss Pita :)

4.  And now, speaking of Pita, here are some other cute things that I have acquired for her.

That darling octopus is from my other very sweet sweet friend Carol :)

5.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty yucky :(  My husband was sweet enough to get some of these for me.

6. really really cute mail

7.  My new cute Poketo "teacher bag" from Target.  All of their designs are amazing.

8.  I made the CUTEST vinyl stickers this weekend while on my trip!! I am seriosuly in love with them soooo much!!  I made a bunch of these wood grain leaf stickers that I listed in my Etsy shop:

and then I also made these for myself :D

They stick on everything!! They are durable and soooo super cute :)

9.  And finally, can we just talk about this for a second....

obsessed.  My sister new I would be and had all of her books and DVD's ready for me to take with me :) Oh geeze.  Team Edward.  I can NOT believe I even have a stance on that now :D lol.
night loves.

27 August 2010

some things...

(image credit)

Things going on...

1.  Im on vacation and I love it
2.  there are so many home baked cookies here and i want to eat them
3.  Im totally that girl who goes on vacation and misses their husband.
4.  I never thought I would be that girl!
5.  I also miss my dog
6.  I have no desire to scrapbook anymore and I used to be a scrap booking maniac!
7.  I want a new project :)
8.  I am going on a trip to Las Vegas in December with my mom and my sister, so exciting
9.  Jenny is going to meet us there!!
10.  I really want fall to hurry up and get here
11.  I drive a silver Honda Civic
12.  my nails are painted a magenta color
13.  this school year has been amazing!!  All of my classes are so wonderful :)
14.  I feel super blessed right now
15.  I can't wait to start my new Bible Study this week.
16. Im addicted to my lap top
17. and Diet Dr. Pepper
18.  My sister played a sneaky trick on me. I am one of those people who has vowed to NEVER read or see the Twilight series.  Who even knows why?!  So, anyway she has read the books and she LOVES them.  Like looooves them a whole lot. She has been trying to force these books on me now for 2 years. They will suddenly end up in my house, on my bookshelf, in my car....so randomly and sneakily but they end up back in her hands just as quick.  I WILL NEVER read them :) So, she planned this trip for us to go to the Lake of the Ozarks for a weekend at this scrapbook bed and breakfast.  I get in her car and we are listening to NPR.  Her car, her rules, her music, right??
All of a sudden I hear... Twilight by Stephanie Meyer....read by....
She got Twilight on CD!!!!!!
OMG! I could have killed her but at the same time It was hysterical to me that she had went to all of this trouble just to get me to "read" this book.
Confession:  We are on Chapter 4 and I can't wait to get back in the car!!!

it's Friday!!

Ok, just a quick update on the i heart fall class :)

After selling out of all the class spots and receiving a ton of emails, I opened up 20 more spots in the shop. There are now only four spots left, so grab them quickly if you are still interested!!  This will definitely be the last of them :)
Also, thank you for the amazing response to the fall themed journal kits in my shop!!
They all sold out as well :)
I love you so much
and somewhere out there, little Pita loves you too, and appreciates all of you for helping to bring us together <3

In other news...it's Friday :)
Im going out of town this weekend to a bed and breakfast with my sister.  It's a scrapbooking bed and breakfast on the lake.  My sister is going to be making her Honeymoon Album and I am going to be sitting their wishing I had any kind of motivation to create a wedding album.  Not happening. 
 So I'm packing my journal, Harry Potter 7, and my swimming suit :)
A weekend to relax and wind down after my first two weeks of school.
September is coming soon and with that brings soooooo many exciting things!!

p.s. today was school picture day! say cheeese :D

26 August 2010

can we talk about Renegade Chicago really quick?

First of all, I am so excited about the fact that their will be a free class with Essimar!!  I have always been a huge fan of her work and can not wait to meet her!!

and now for some cute things by artists who will be there!!  I seriously didn't even go half way down the list of artists.  Tomorrow I will have to look through the rest :) But for now....some pretty!
from here

from here 

from here

from here

from here
from here

from here

Oh so much pretty! Go check out the amazing list for yourself here. It's a great way to check out great online shops :)

25 August 2010


I spend my nights trolling through the shops online and creating a baby registry!! 
I know it's going to be awhile before we adopt our baby girl BUT it is sooo much fun to look at all of the cute things out there!  I love it.  It has become an obsession :)
It's not so much a "registry" as it is a wish list of sorts for myself.  Most of the things on the list are definitely wants as opposed to needs.  They are all cutesy things as opposed to functional right now :)
This way I have everything that I LOVE stored on one list that I can refer back to when I have any kind of extra money.
Would you like to see my list of baby girl cuteness??
It's right here!

There were a few items that I just had to get though.  I needed something tangible that I could look at it and dream of somedays :)  I had gotten some extra money from helping my mom with some work so I decided to get three little gifts for my soon to be :)

from here

from here

from here

Is there anything else that I MUST add to my wish list?  Anything that you swear by for your little ones?  Anything just ridiculously cute??
Thank you!!

24 August 2010

shop talk

Alright, there is soooo much stuff going on right now and I seriously looove that feeling :)
Here are a few little reminders for you all :)

1.  I only have five spots left for my "i heart fall class."
I had over 100 participants for my last class (which I loved) by I decided that I wanted this class to be smaller and more personal :)  I did want to share with you all some quotes from people who participated in my last online journal class:

"I look forward to each prompt like Christmas morning!"
I love you Janel !!
xoxox cuppy

"I was eager to check the class page each morning, wondering what today's prompt would bring.  They all made me think throughout the day.  I loved coming home and getting all those thoughts onto paper. Thanks Janel."

"This was a great class, and I'm so glad I decided to take it.  And I love knowing that I got to do something I enjoy and got to help bring Pita home at the same time."

"The best way to get to know your inner artist, I have learned so much about myself in this class!"

 "Ive never done an online class before but after taking yours, I will do more in the future.  I loved it! No pressure to get it done by a certain time, that it'll be judged etc - just a class to express yourself and challenge your creativity."

"This was a great experience and I loved how interactive it was with both classmates and students. The journal topics were fresh and insightful (along with inspirational) I feel like I learned a lot and I can't wait for you to do another similar class Janel!!!"

 "janel is an art teacher by profession with an artistic soul and heart. she is encouraging and inspiring without being critical. taking one of her classes is an affordable way to do something positive for someone else and yourself. there is no wrong way to express your art. simply by beginning you may start to think or see things in a new way, and or push yourself further artistically. meeting and interacting with new friends you many never have known before the class is also a fun bonus"

 "I found it very therapeutic to journal each day, it challenged my creativity and it was nice being able to share and look at what other students had done through the flickr group. My classmates were so encouraging and the prompts were relevant and helpful to personal growth. Thank-you! xo"

"I really enjoyed Janel's Journal Class. Not only was this a fun class for me and for others, but it was for a good cause. I am happy I was able to play a small part into getting Pita home to Janel and Adam. I got a little behind in the class, but I feel as if the class is just extended for me :) I made new friends in the chats and got to reconnect with old ones."   -Lindsay

Oh and here is a fun little sneak peek of one of the projects that we will be creating in the journal class too!!!

It warms my heart to know that everyone had just as much fun in this past class as I did :)  Like I mentioned, we only have 5 more spots available so head on over to my shop and snap up your spot!!!

2.  I still have a few more ad spaces left for September Sponsors!!!! I am really excited about all of the cute new sponsors that we already have lined up for September so you will definitely be in a great group!!!

You can find more info about ad spaces in this post :)  Please email me if you are interested!!!

3.  Creative Juice....

Im so excited about this project!!! Don't forget to pre-order your copy here!!!

4. The giveaway winner for the Pixies and Bears sponsor giveaway is....

which was...

Please email me Sophie!! 
 Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway!!  
Don't forget to check out the rest of my super cute August sponsors :)

23 August 2010

Creative Juice

Dear Friends,
I am sooooo excited to announce that the very first issue of Creative Juice, the new zine I am part of, is ready for purchase!!!!
September's issue of Creative Juice is 14 color pages of recipes, DIY's, fashion tips, and artist features!!
Seriously this project has been so inspiring to work on.  The other ladies on this team are so amazing and I can truly say that you will be missing out if you don't check out this zine!!!
Here is a little peek inside for September...

I don't want to giveaway too much :)  
Here is how it will work:
We will be accepting pre-orders until September 1.
After that date, the zine's will be printed and shipped right to your front door!!
The cost for Creative Juice is $4 an issue and $1 for shipping of course.
All you have to do to pre-order your copy is click on the "Buy Now" button below!!
I seriously can NOT wait!!!
Thank you for your support, you won't be disappointed!! promises :)

and for our international friends: