14 January 2010

Blog Feature: Jaqueline

*1. Tell us about yourself!

My name is Jaqueline, aka The Crafty Fox, I'm 23 (24 in March) and I used to be a bookseller in charge of the Children's section (yes, I spent a large amount of my day playing with pop-up books and reading picture books). However I'm currently looking for a new job as where I worked closed down. The unemployment, however, is enabling me to do a few crafty things I haven't had time to do until now!

*2. What kind of crafts are you into right now?*

I'm a huge fan of knitting and crochet. I have a whole lot of wool that is sitting on my shelves waiting to be used for numerous projects (including a few late Christmas gifts) and I'm finally realising things like cabling and knitting on DPNs or circular needles aren't as scary as I once thought!

*3. What are some of your current obsessions?*

Creating little brooches and necklaces from Perler beads, making my pom-pom headbands, Noro wool (I have dedicated a whole blog post to it, hehe) and obviously knitting and crochet - I'm hooked!

*4. What is one of your crafty goals for 2010?*

To sell my wares at no less than 3 craft fairs and start volunteering for Craft Club. It's a UK based initiative for pioneering craft in schools and their first project is called Knit 1 Pass It On! It's perfect!! If any UK based crafters who read this blog are interested their website is http://www.craftclub.org.uk.

*5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?*

I like to think that I bring a different perspective of crafts to those who read my blog. I studied a module in university on craft and the handmade which opened my eyes to the fact that one person's opinion on a subject or a skill isn't always the only one or the best one! I read so many blogs myself and learn something new from each of them!
This year I'm also hoping to add more tutorials and maybe collaborate with a few people on a project or two!

*6. Name your 5 favorite blogs!

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess
Vivianna at PolkaDotRobot
The Purl Bee
Rachel at Smile and Wave
Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest

Those would be the some of the 5 I regularly visit. Others include Katja's, Katherine's , Tif's , Jamie's , Craftzine and of course Janel's!!
There are so many others but I can't link all of them or remember half of them!
Sorry if I've missed you out - I love you all!!

And now for the giveaway!!! This giveaway, just like the others so far, will be over on Friday in the evening.
Leave a comment on this post to win this CUTE little brooch made by The Crafty Fox :)

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  1. argh this brooch is heaven! I love it :-)

    I love this lady too she is one smart little cookie and she worked with childrens books! my fave kind of book XOXO

  2. oh and yes please enter me in the competition :-)

  3. how do i find the crafty foxs blog?! I am searching but nothing seems to be working :-(

    p.s. sorry for taking over your comments

  4. how cute--love the pom poms with the heart.

  5. ok, I forgot to link it!! Thank you for letting me know :) It's all linked up now!!

  6. Love the pom poms! What a wonderful gift idea for Valentine's Day!!

  7. Cute cute cute!

  8. It's a heart brooch AND a pom pom headband!! The headband was close to the brooch so it looks like their stuck together, hehe!

  9. oh the brooch is so adorable!!! LOVE IT!!!
    P.S Jaqueline's blog is adorable!!

  10. I love this :) I'm so happy we get to meet so many wonderful crafters :)

    I visited your blog and I love it!!!!

  11. So pretty and I love your answers.
    I am going to pop in for a visit right this second.


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