10 January 2010


Yay!! This week starts Jamie and I's Running With Inspiration Challenge!!! I could not be more excited!!
Our word for today is: Possibilities
I already have an idea in my head for what I want to make for today but I won't be able to start it until I get home :(
I can NOT wait to see what Jamie comes up with!!
Please feel free to join in on the fun. Remember you can use any type of media to create whatever the word represents for you :) If you do play along, please leave me a link in the comment section so that I can check it out!!

**Also, since most of my free time will be taken up with creating these projects, I will be hosting some blog features here of some of my favorite bloggers. They will be sharing all about their life, their craft, their obsessions, and their favorite blogs as well! Some of them are even having giveaways for you!! Sooooo, exciting.
Check back later for the First of the Blog features from my friend Lindsay :)

** On a completely unrelated note, this is the dollhouse that i really really really want for my birthday :) It's a kit from Hobby Lobby :) looooove.

**Finally, I have some last minute entries of lovelies spreading peace that I hadn't gotton posted :)

sooooo much fun!!
Okay Monday...let's do this!!


  1. I'm going to come up with something I'm sure of it... Oh and I am so excited you are featuring me thanks :D LOVE YOU!!

  2. Just posted my project!!! =)
    Can't wait for yours!!!

    I love that dollhouse! You need it!
    I found pics of my dollhouse that I need to scan and post. I wish I had kept it!!!! I also wish we had pics of the inside. My mom and I decorated it and carpeted and wallpapers. Memories...

  3. I will be emailing you back tonight I can't wait to see what you come up with...

    get the doll house mine come from Hobby Lobby too!


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