13 January 2010

Blog Feature: Jamie

1. Tell us about yourself!
Hi, awesome people!!! I'm Jamie and I'm 31 years old. I work all day in my office at a law firm with lots of boring paper (unfortunately, not the cute 12x12 kind!), while daydreaming of the next thing I'd like to make or do. When 5p.m. rolls around, I head home for an evening with my wonderful husband, amazing boys and creating. (& most likely reality tv)

2. What kind of crafts (or other hobbies) are you into right now?
I just learned to crochet this past Saturday so I can see that becoming quite an addiction! I love to embroider, art journal, make fabric jewelry with fun fabric (yoyos and the like), create mini albums, scrapbook (tho it's been wayyy too long since I've scrapped), making fun decor for our home and I have quite an addiction to fingerknitting and making lots of garlands!

3. What are some of your current obsessions?
Owls! Yarn! Weight Loss! Reality tv! Crochet! Garlands! Fixing up our home! Happy Mail!

4. What is one of your crafty goals (or other goals) for 2010?
I did a whole post on my 20 goals in 2010 but my biggest goals are to lose weight while raising awareness for MS (my Shrinking for a Cure project).
I also want to crochet a granny square quilt, sew a quilt and read the Bible all the way through, to name a few of those 20 things!

5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?
Well, I'm told that I'm a positive and encouraging person that inspires others. I love coming up with creative things to do with my boys so we can have family time and have a blast doing it (such as adventure nites and random treasure hunts around our house). I love to create as much as possible and always share my creations on my blog, along with funny stories of the everyday. Every Wednesday, I feature an Inspired Wednesday post with some inspiration for your day. I also feature Shrinking Saturdays where I share my weight loss progress for the week.

I'm also the creator of Happy Mail and have that blog as well. Participants sign up and get the name of somebody else to send them happy mail. Then they receive mail from somebody else as well. I love happy mail. It's nice getting surprises that aren't bills or unhappy stuff!

6. Name your 5 favorite blogs!
It will be really hard to pick only 5, but here's some of my top faves...
1. Color Me Katie
2. Violet Bella
3. [i]LoveLife
4. Kelly Rae Roberts
5. Making Chicken Salad
Plus, Janel's, Elsie's, Rachel's and alllll the other ones on the side of my blog! Seriously. All of them. =)

So, here is the GIVEAWAY part!!! I'll do a custom embroidery of a quote of your choice!!!!!

All you have to do is visit my blog, Inspired Mess, and come back here to leave a comment on this post! In the comment you need to describe me in one word from what you read:) Random but fun!!
You have until Friday evening to leave a comment!!


  1. hahaha. i love that piece she is holding. AWESOME!!

    && i love you too jamie!!
    && you too janel!!

  2. hmm let's see... I would say you are
    1. Gorgeous
    2. Cooky (the good cooky)
    3. Fun
    4. Inspiring
    5. fabulous
    6. Creative
    ok that was 6 but I couldnt help myself.

  3. Cute and Creative ok thats two but who cares!


  4. Oh gosh only one word. Ok, I'd have to go with supercoolexcitingfriendlyinspiring.

    Will that work?

  5. Inspiring! Kind! Fun! Creative! Talented! Beautiful! Strong! And I've just "met" you, I can't imagine what people who have known you forever say and think about you!!


  6. giving/generous.
    (love the polaroid pic!)

  7. Cute pic of you holding the embroidery piece!
    you are inspirational :)

  8. Just like everyone else here...it is hard to pick just one! But seriously, I am going to have to go with:


    Even in the midst of your struggles, your trials, the Christmas tree falling over (hehe), you still manage to stay positive and find a way to laugh at things. That is why I keep coming back to your blog. You are the best!

  9. love your answers! :-)

  10. WARM.

    You have a loving, warm spirit about you and it comes across in your blog. :)

  11. oh gosh Jamie, one word is hard! and i see most people cheated on that, lol! but i will try to stick with one...


    yep, that would be first, among so many others!

    i am wanting to start a collection of other people's embroideries, so i would soooo love to win this one!

    but i love you regardless!!!

  12. definitely positive. i love reading your posts :)


  13. courageous. :)

    and i've admired your embroidery for awhile now so it would be super fun to get a custom stitched quote from you miss Jamie! :)

  14. Oh I like Jamie's blog! One word to describe her...



  15. I love J! my word: inpsiring!

  16. aw Jamie... just choose one word!? She's amazingggg! I love Jamie!

    Janel, I am loving all these features!

  17. FANTABULOUS!!!!!!


  18. Jamie -

    I would have to say BIG HEARTED. I don't think that is a real word, but your heart seems to be so full of love and happiness.


  19. i NEED this giveaway. of all giveaways, i want this one the most. :) you are.... (so many great things coming to mind right now..) kind.

  20. Cheerful. That's my word :)

  21. FABULOUS!!!!

    I would love to add another of your embroideries to my collection!

  22. fun!

    i have been reading your blog for a bit...i love it!

  23. Well... I've only "known" you for a few months or so, but the first word that came to my mind was "refreshing". It's been refreshing to meet someone so friendly, encouraging, supportive and kind. xo

    I've been enjoying your blog a lot too, Janel... and your projects. You both are very inspiring. I love the comaraderie between the two of you!


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