05 January 2010

message in a bottle <3

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Have you ever put a message in a bottle and then tossed it into the ocean? I remember doing it when I was little (like 13-ish) when I first saw the ocean. I remember writing a little note about me and then putting my home address in it so that whoever found it could write me back :) As soon as I tossed it in the ocean, I was paranoid that some creeper would be the one to fetch it out of the ocean and then try to come and fetch me.
LOL. That is how I think!
I have probably done it at least 5 more times in my life too. Never with my address, just a happy note.
I wonder if anyone has ever found one of my letters?
When Adam and I went on our cruise to Mexico I wanted to do it again but then my conscience and the thought of polluting the oceans kicked in and I didn't do it.
I kind of feel like tossing a bottle with a sweet, happy message in it for someone to find, is pretty magical!
Don't you think?
I honestly believe that my letters have been found, and people's days have been a bit happier because of them.
So, have you tossed one?
Have you ever found one?? That would be even cooler :)

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I really want to know, even if you've never done it.
tell me
p.s. peace...pass it on...

you all are getting soooo creative with this project! It makes me so happy :D You have until Saturday to get me your peace pic for the give-a-way...do it!


  1. The message in the bottle is such a cute idea, finding one woul be even more awesome for sure! Your peace idea is really catching on, I absolutely love looking at what everyone has come up with!

  2. that'd be totally rad if i found a bottle. but i used to do them all the time at the beach too.

  3. I love the concept of the message in a bottle but i'm a nature-lover so i just don't want to pollute. All the bottles floating in the dead zone of the Pacific Ocean are probably everyone's messages...hehe.

  4. i've never done it. although i've contemplated the idea a few times. i was always too worried that somehow the person finding it would be some mass murderer and come and kill me and take all of my toys! ha!

    the idea is a cute concept though. :)


  5. never have....but there's a Hallmark movie (I think it's called "The Note") where this woman whose a newspaper columnist finds a note at the ocean and eventually (through her column) finds the person the note was intended for and saves the day!

  6. I dont know if u do it in america but in england we do messages attatched to balloons as well as messages in bottles, i have found a few of the messages on balloons when i was younger but i cant remember what they said! pretty kewl idea though!

  7. I use to do messages in bottles when I was little. We would go to Galveston every summer and that was one of my favorite parts :] I wonder if anyone ever found one of my bottles..
    every time I go to the beach I look for bottles. one day I know I'll find one.

    ooooh guess what?
    go look at me blog :]

  8. I put a note in a plastic bottle and sent in down a canal way once. It said something along the lines of "aliens have taken over, help" I was 20. ha
    btw I love you blog, so happy to have found it

  9. I started taking my peace pictures today! I am sooo excited :)


  10. heyyyyyyyy the code for your blog button is wrong. when I clicked it on my blog it took my to "twocrazykidsinloves.blogspot.com" instead of "twocrazykidsinlove".

    Just wanted you to know! :]

  11. I am so enjoying your peace pictures. I will be doing mine tomorrow.

    **I gave you an award on my blog!! Check it out!

  12. I never have, I haven't even seen that ocean and I don't think that throwing into a lake or pond would be to magical. Maybe someday!


  13. I have done it! I have a river flowing right in my backyard and i totally threw like an iced tea bottle in with a note from me. i think i was 9 or something, im sure it was pretty groundbreaking stuff...:)

    finding one would be magic.

  14. Hey I found your blog from my sister's blog Pixies&Bears and I like what I see. the message in a bottle was cute idea I've never done it myself but now it makes me want too. I just started blogging a couple days ago haven't created anything yet, but I'm hoping to learn real soon. I hope you don't mind me following you, I hope you follow me too! :)

  15. How fun! I love that you have a message in a bottle floating around out there just waiting to be found! I wonder how many other ones are out there? I think next time I'm on the East coast I'll consider doing this! :)



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