14 January 2010

Running With Inspiration-Inspired Mess

Day 3 is the new day 4 :)
Jamie and I were both exhausted last night and didn't get our challenge done for day 3 so we extended the deadline to today :)
The word for today was Inspired Mess :)
Can you guess what tomorrow's will be :P
So this is what I made for Inspired Mess.

Instead of creating something for the word Inspired Mess, I decided to create something for the person who the phrase "Inspired Mess" described for me...Jamie OBVIOUSLY!!
I made her a ribbon to wear that says BEST.
I was trying to think of one word to describe her and BEST is what I came up with :)
She is the best blogging BFF
the best friend
the best listener
the best giver
the best commenter
the best embroiderer
the best adventurer
the best momma to her boys
the best encourager
the best motivator
the best chatter
and the BEST inspired mess I know :)
Thank you Jamie!!
I love you sooo sooo sooo much and I can't wait to send you this ribbon to wear on your cute shirt!!
Do you want to see something so cute too??
After I made this for Jamie today, two of my third grade boys asked if they could have my scraps.
They took them back to class and came back an hour later with this CUTE little ribbon for me!!:

love love love my students :)
I also have a picture of the wreath that I made for Style School. It's really just a sneak peak I guess because it's a pretty bad picture. It was taken with the hipstomatic app :)

I used vintage brooches for real. I will get a better picture for you tonight hopefully!!
Alright, double check yourself:
** have you commented in my guest blogger's posts?
** have you entered all the giveaways?
** did you check out their amazing blogs?
** are you ready for even more??
I can't wait :)
Tomorrow's Running with Inspiration word is... Run With Scissors!!!


  1. You made me cry.
    I love you.
    Thank you! I can't wait to get my hands on it and wear it proudly!!!

  2. love the wreath! and jamie definitely deserves the ribbon :)

  3. I had a hard time thinking of something. I plan on doing it though just need more time to think.
    cute ribbon for Jamie!
    LOVE your wreath --love the vintage pins those are a cool touch for sure.

  4. that brooch is so lovely!
    think i might make one for my mama :)

  5. That is so sweet! Jamie definitely deserves it!

    Love your wreath!

  6. you are soooo right about jamie. wonderful gift. <3

  7. this is sooo sweet. you guys are both amazing friends. and how cute are your students? i love when my kids make me stuff. lastly, i like your photo of the wreath!! :)

  8. Great post. So sweet and so true. Love your wreath and the ribbon your students made. You have great students. :)

  9. awww Janel this is so sweet! I would have to definetly agree with you on all those things!! <3 Jamie!!

  10. Janel you are the sweetest!! Love what you made for Jamie!

    I am going to have to check out that photo app now for my phone:) Love the photo apps...like ALOT!!


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