19 January 2010

a day at yucandu...and a giveaway winner!

Like I said in my last post, my sister, my mom and I spent our MLK day at the neatest art studio :) The studio is called Yucandu and if you live anywhere near the St. Louis area you must check it out :) I'm pretty sure I want to have my 30th birthday party there :)
Look how cutie pie this place is! It gives me ideas for my art classroom:

My sister was working on mosaic-ing initials for her and Matt:

I did a mosaic as well, a two-hook plaque for Adam and I to hang our keys on. It was sooooo cool because they had jars and jars and tables full of the coolest found items and other little items, and tiles to use. They also had a shelf with china on it that you could pick out and shatter for the mosaic :) so rad!

What a fun fun day :) I feel a total creative energy creeping in that I love!! I am going to do a post later about all of the cool projects that my blog friends are doing and how you can join!!
Also, I wanted to congratulate ELLEN...

who won Margot's awesome owl collage giveaway!!! jealous!
Ellen, email me your address :)
love you!!!
AND, I still have not had a claim on Suzanne's giveaway. If the winner does not contact me by Wednesday night, I am going to choose another winner for her gift certificate!!
Ok, happy Tuesday.
I am -4 pounds since WW and Adam is -9.2!! I am soooo proud of him, and us :)


  1. That looks so fun! Congrats to the winner! Hope you are having a wonderful evening!


  2. Oh how I would love to go to that store. You and your sister made some pretty cool items.
    I need a little push back into the WW-I gave in for awhile now and seem to be having a hard time. WAY to GO on your weight loss!!!

  3. Wow that place looks amazing!! I am hoping that Scott and I can take a little trip to St. Louis this summer. I so need to get back to the City Musuem!! And this place for sure!!

  4. Looks amazing! Conrgats to you both for the weight loss too :)

  5. Whoa! I did not know this and it just made my day! Owl's are my favorite!
    I'll be emailing you my address pronto.

  6. congrats....proud of you....praying for you!

  7. this place looks aweome! i live just approx 3 hours north of STL in Bloomington, IL...i totally want to visit this place & the City Museum :)


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