26 January 2010


About 5 or 6 summers ago, my family and I went on a cruise through the east coast and up into St. John New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Seriously, do not get me started on how much I am in love with Canada :) jeez Louise!
Anyway, while in a Canadian Provence (I don't remember which one) my sister, aunt and I went on a jewelry making excursion which landed us at this women's house named, Stormy. Her house was amazing.
Inside and out, one of the coolest houses that I have been in.
Now, to the point :) In her front entry-way, she had an entire wall filled with paint-by-numbers. There was no theme or anything, just a bazillion vintage paint by number paintings. (pardon the horrible disposable camera pictures)

She also had another wall, in another room, covered in religious, Jesus themed paint-by-numbers.

I was instantly in love with paint by numbers.
in stinking love.
It was then that I knew, one day I would have to be a paint by number collector.
One of my 2010 goals is to do one myself, and my sister bought me two kits for Christmas.
In the meantime, I have been obsessing over vintage ones :)
I decided that I would really like to do a wall of them, in my hallway, but with a theme.
After scouring Etsy, I decided on my theme :)
pink flowers
Here are some of my favorites
This lovely pair of paintings found here:

this lovely found here

this one is kind of my favorite

and this girl totally fits into the theme according to me :)

I literally stopped searching after these three because I didn't want to "want" too much :)
So, all of you thrifters, flea marketers, or other vintage-y treasure hunting people... If you find any vintage paint by numbers that fit into my theme, hook a sister up :)
seriously, they make me smile so much!
And speaking of things that make me smile, while looking through pictures from that trip, I came across this one:

Doesn't it make you so happy to know that somewhere in this world, there are places where people paint the streets awesome colors??
love it!


  1. If I had a street like this, it would be my favorite place!

  2. This is awesome. I will be on the lookout!!! I'm in love with that street. I think every street should be colored various colors and designs. Wouldn't that be grand????

  3. very cool my hubby got me a paint by number for christmas I have yet to have time to do it but I can't wait to get started. I love that street how wonderful :D

    Have a lovely night!


  4. aww, paint by numbers are now my new fav thing thanks to this post.

  5. fantasmic. i want to live on that street. great photo!

  6. I am totally one of those people that look for items people collect or love. It seems to me every time someone tells me of their collection I come to find I am looking for those items. IS that weird?

    When Elsie posted she loves cute little fox. I seem to have it on my brain to find her one--but no luck:(

    I always find paint by number at my local thrift stores but never really thought to buy them. I will keep my peepers open wide for you. PINK FLOWERS!!!


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