30 December 2012

the haul

Some of you were asking what Amelia scored for Christmas this year. 
If you can remember, she received the most gifts last Christmas, which is before we even knew about her :)

Peek-a-boo Panda (We call her Panda)
Earrings that she has already lost one of
Glitter bows now that her hair is long enough for them :)
lots of toys for the bathtub since it's her favorite (including the bath crayons pictured above)
and books.

We got all of the clothing items off of Instagram.  It's like the only place I shop now for Amelia's clothes :)
She definitely made out like a bandit again this year.
She's worth it!


I seriously love

Fresh Art

Seriously, I couldn't be more excited to announce that I get to be a part of Fresh Art Photography this year!!
For those of you who know, Jodie, you know how great she is :)
This year, I get to dream up and create her set designs!!
My first task, was for her "Valentine Mini Shoots" next week. 
I was on inspiration overload and this is what I came up with.
(Mind you, the iPhone photo of my backdrop is not the best)

I used a ton of my antique postcards and layered them to create this effect.  I love the postcards because they are such a perfect symbol of "romance" yeah?

So, the theme is "P.S. I love you."  We are going to have a vintage typewriter, tons of envelopes with names written in calligraphy on them (valentines) and valentines for the kiddos to fill out and write on!!  Plus, much more.  
Do you want to hear the coolest part about this mini-shoot???
If you purchase a shoot, you get to also give a shoot to anyone.  One for one!!
The fact that Jodie has such a heart for giving, makes her even more amazing.
Here are the details from her blog:

"If you purchase one of those mini sessions you get to GIVE one to a friend! The friend has to have the time either immediately before or after you, they get the full 15 minutes for the session and TWO images on disc with an option for other purchases (just like ALL the minis this year!). Or they can take their two free shots and walk away! It’s a great gift to give a friend or family member!"

I can not wait!!  Seriously, if you are local, you need to check her out.
I have been a long time client of Jodies and don't think I could ever have anyone else shoot our family memories.
Here are some examples of the shoots we have done with her.
Not to mention, she gifted Adam and I the most amazing gift ever, and was present the night of Amelia's birth and documented everything.  She is a blessing beyond blessings I tell you.

Follow her blog


29 December 2012

10 months.

Little Miss Amelia turned 10 months today!
Time is flying by for sure.
I can't believe that, in two short months, Amelia will be a year old.  
These monthly photos are getting more and more fun to take.
She is definitely a mover and a shaker and it's so hard to get her to sit still.
The above photo took about 15 minutes to get :)
Here are some of my favorite outtakes.

This last one is what she looked like when her daddy walked into the room :)
She loves her daddy so much.

Alright, here is her little monthly run-down:

10 Months:
* the best 10 months of my life
*  your first tooth is making it's way out! Yay!
*  you are walking around while holding onto things
*  whenever you hear music or singing, you wave your hands like a conductor
*  you wave hello and good bye
*  you give us high-fives
*  you added "nigh nigh" to your growing little vocabulary
*  you are still the happiest, sweetest baby in the world
*  you love playing with more complex toys
*  you are eating real food now, like a big girl, that we grind up
* your hair is finally growing back out and getting so curly!
*  you are very adventurous and brave.
*  we love you so much
*  you are the best.

I need to start planning for her first birthday!!  That is super exciting :)  Our little girl is growing up.
She's amazing.


26 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 came and went so quickly it seems.  Life with a baby is a blur.
I can also say that, for me, Christmas is so much more amazing with a child.
The present buying is definitely WAY more fun.
Starting new traditions is more fun.
Taking a million photos and home videos is way more fun as well.
I also love that on Christmas Eve I was able to snuggle Amelia and really picture and feel a little bit of what Mary felt as she was "treasuring all of these things in her heart."
Amelia was spoiled this Christmas by our entire family.  We received a ton of amazing gifts for her to grow with and learn from.  
We spent Christmas Eve Eve with our family, at my sister, where we had two first Christmas' to celebrate.
We had two very special deliveries from our Massachusetts family.  
Christmas morning was spent, at home, with all of my favorite people (Adam, Amelia and Cat).  Here are a few photos from that.

We opened present to "She & Him's" Christmas album and ate pancakes and turkey bacon.  It was heavenly.  Adam spoiled me a bit as well.  We have been so good at saving money this past year for the adoption that he wanted to treat Amelia and I to a couple of exciting things :)
*  a new wedding band!!  I lost my wedding ring last February and absolutely hate not having one to wear everyday.  I wanted something dainty and simple and meaningful and he gifted me one of these:

I have the initial "a" on mine for Amelia.  She is a perfect symbol of our love and of love in and of itself so it was just the most perfect gift.
I also got a gift card for my Nikes and a promise to order the Seafoam PL kit, as soon as it comes in :) Plus a few other little fun things.
I'll be back, later this week with a post on Amelia's gifts.  Like I said, she was definitely the most fun to shop for.
To say the least, we were so blessed this Christmas. I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season as well.
I'm off to fill in my new planner now!! Yay!!!
Good Night friends.


24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.
Have a very blessed holiday season :)


21 December 2012

one little word: 2013

Brave is my "one little word" for 2013.

For those of you who haven't heard of "one little word" be sure to read this.  Basically,  one little word is the word that you would like to sum up your new year. 
 Last year, my word was "peace" and it was a perfect word for 2012.  I really focused on finding Peace in my life amidst all of my anxiety fueled moments.  I loved reflecting on my word throughout the year and I can truly say that I my life is so much more peaceful :)

Last year, it took me forever to come up with my word but this year, I knew my word almost immediately.  Last years word, had a million meanings behind it and this year's word is plain and simple.
This year I want to be more brave in my decisions, in my actions, in my roles as a wife, mother, and teacher.  I want to bravely encounter life every single day, step out of my comfort zone and live life bravely.

I plan on doing a spread in my Project Life album, dedicated to my one little word again, like I did last year.
I think it's a good way to introduce the rest of the year and see how everything will eventually tie in with my one little word :)
Even Adam came up with his own "one little word" this year!!  He chose Free, I love his reasoning behind it too.  He's so inspiring to me :)

Dear 2013,
Bring it on.

What's your one little word this year?


20 December 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Earlier this week I read about a simple, fun way that people could help out in Newtown, CT.  I am sure everyone is feeling such incredible sadness and hurt, all over the country.  I know personally, that I felt a little helpless knowing that there is nothing I can do, myself, to help out these poor families.  When I saw the "Snowflakes for Sandy Hook" article I knew that this was definitely one way I could help out!
Here is what their PTA website says:

Welcome Students to a Winter Wonderland

When school resumes for Sandy Hook, it will be in a new building. Parent-volunteers are working to ensure that the students are welcomed back by a winter wonderland with the entire school decorated with as many unique snowflakes as possible. We encourage senders to be as creative as possible, remembering that no two snowflakes are alike. Please make and send snowflakes by January 12, 2013 to the Connecticut PTSA address at the bottom of this page.   

I have a school full of children who absolutely LOVE to spend an entire art period making snowflakes for these children across the country!  We started making snowflakes on Tuesday and already have a huge box to send :)
I encourage you all to participate in this as well!!  What a wonderful activity to do as a family or with a group of friends.


You can send your snowflakes to:
Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12
Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

Due Date:   January 12, 2013.

Project Life-Week 49

Week 49

We are finally catching up with postings!! This week was the first week of December which brought about our Advent calendar and lots of fun Christmas themed activities and more.

I filled a 4x6 card with a few life mantras that I have loved lately.  I did it in simple black and white because I love the contrast with all of the other colorful photos.
Amelia has started pulling up on everything.
I am in love with these amazing sparkle oxfords that we scored Amelia at Old Navy.
I made a little DIY Christmas gift with glitter :)
I am teaching my fifth grade students how to use a pottery wheel, which was hilarious since, at first, I was no good at it.

Amelia and I made cinnamon ornaments to tie onto our gifts this year and to make our house smell wonderful.
We had a nice dinner and game night at my aunt's house.
Amelia's hair is getting long enough to start using some product in it to define and condition her little baby curls.  LOVE!
Amelia had her 9 month check up with the pediatrician.
We had a snowflake making night as a family to turn our house into a little winter wonderland.
I also added a little transparent overlay into the last pocket and added a little woodcut piece to this side of it (after I took the photo of course).  I like how you can see through to the next spread with this little detail :)
Fun Fun!


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19 December 2012

Project Life-Week 48

Week 48

Looks like I will have all of these posted in time to be caught up with posting by this weekend :)  This week was almost all photos and I love that.  I also love that I can stick little things in here like the tag off of one of our favorite baby brands.  Love it.

My Pastor preached on worry about 2 months ago, and his sermon really hit home to me.   I have been worry free ever since his sermon and I love to reflect back on it so that's where my little "worry" card comes in.  I met my reading goal on Goodreads.  Amelia met Santa Claus for the first time, and I have some blurred out info there too :)

Amelia also turned 9 months old and I loved all of these photos from her shoot so I had to incorporate them all. I also have her little 9 month stat card, a weather screen shot from my phone (crazy warm weather in December, I'll take it), and our Christmas cards came in!  Yay for week 48!  Week 49 will be up tomorrow :)


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18 December 2012

Project Life-Week 47

Week 47

Thanksgiving week.

Pretty simple.  Photos and words. We went to my friend, Marie's wedding, put up our tree, and ordered our Christmas cards!


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17 December 2012

Project Life-Week 46

Week 46

Some weeks are always going to be more FULL than others right?
This week actually contains 8 front and back inserts!
Week 46 was a roller coaster but the ups definitely outweighed the downs and I am so glad I have it all recorded :)

This was the week that Adam landed himself in the ER twice, spent two nights in the hospital (one of which was in the ICU).  This was a very emotional and scary time but our faith never faltered and Adam was home in time for his 32nd birthday.  Praise God.

We saw Paul McCartney.  Best show ever. I loved the story of "Blackbird" as I mentioned before and I had printed out this photo from a shop so I could show Adam that I wanted it :)  I placed it into my PL album as a reminder of the beauty. 

On the back of this insert, I have the set list of songs that Paul McCartney played.
Did I mention is was the best show ever? :)

This next insert is a favorite.  I love these pages because they are perfect for Instagram photos!!  I have back to back photos that took at the show on this page.

On Saturday, it was National Adoption Day/Amelia's Adoption Day.

This was in our swag bag that we got at the court house.  I also slapped on one of the stickers that we had for National Adoption Day as well.

On the back I have a copy of the court papers that we received.  I blurred out all of the important information but most importantly...CASE CLOSED!
Done and done!

I used an 8 1/2x11 insert to add this little Title page that I made in Photoshop. 

On the back of that, I typed up all of my memories from that day and printed it to size to slip in.

Next, we have another front and back 4x4 photo page.  These are all of the photos from the Court House.

Next up I have one of the triangles from a banner at Amelia's Gotcha Day party.  I thought this would be a perfect little segway to the party from the court house.

I also added this little bag from the Smashbook line and filled it with some of the smaller decorations from the party for Amelia to look at someday.

And to keep up with the theme of this week's spread.  I have another 4x4 photo page filled back and front with photos from the Gotcha Day party.

And then to end this week, I made a full page spread with the most important event of the week.  Amelia's new, official, legit, bona fide, name.
(Also, when I printed it out and did the cutting, I somehow lost the "R" in November.  This is something that I totally would have scrapped and re-printed before but truthfully I don't mind it anymore).

Ahhh! This was the best week!!!
Thank you for letting me share it with you :)

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16 December 2012

Project Life-Week 45

Week 45

This was another jam packed week.  This week is a perfect example of why Project Life is awesome.  There were so many elements of this week that would NEVER have been documented if I was doing a traditional scrapbook.  I love how this project allows me to EASILY document the silly everyday things that make my life, my life.

Adam, Amelia and I stood in a freezing cold line for 2 hours to cast our vote for President.  Adam chose to write in Amelia as the Missouri State senator.  
I also sewed two new dresses for Amelia this week.

This fun little envelope page is the perfect size to hold my finished DVD with our video testimony for Orphan Sunday.  (Now I just have to find the DVD!)

My invitations, envelopes, badges and diaper pins came for Amelia's Gotcha Day party and I wanted a place to document all of those things.  Perfection.

This is the back of the invitation and the adorable labels that sealed the back of the envelopes.  Seriously, Nissa, you rocked these invitations.

Also, during this week was Amelia's Christmas photo shoot with Fresh Art Photography.  This was our cute little sneak peek :)
And finally, Amelia and I did an impromptu painting session one morning before school so that we could make her grammy this special little painting for her birthday!!

fun fun fun.
Week 46 is the BIGGEST week in my Project Life album so I am so excited to share it.
See you tomorrow.


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