07 January 2010


Yes oh yes yes yes!
Look what came in the mail today :

Our home keeps getting cuter by the minute <3 I am in love. I have had my eye on this for soooo long and when it FINALLY was on a good sale, I had to snap it up :)
In other news, I have sent out so much happy mail this week :) I need to get one of those printers that print out postage lables because I dread the post office so much. I have major issues with the post office. Well, only my post office. So, Adam has made all of the trips for me this week. If I had one of those printers, I would never have to go. I could schedule happy mail pick-ups. Sweeet!
I decided to pass some peace along with my happy mail too

Remember that my peace...pass it on giveaway is over on Saturday :) I have gotton so many amazing entries and can't wait to have more:)
Check out the peace pics from Lindsay and her husband's peace photoshoot :)

isn't she beyond gorgeous?! She reminds me of Julia Roberts!
love her and LOOOOOOVE these girls too:

more more more please :)
Saturday is the final day for entries...don't forget :D
i looove you <3


  1. Yes! So excited for you girlie! It's so so stinkin' cute! :)

    And I already know what I'm going to do for the giveaway...I just have to fix my hair for the shoot! Eee, excited! :D

    <3 You!

  2. yay! i'm so happy i told you about the sale!!! :)


  3. LOOOOVVVVEEEE the clock!!

  4. awww thank you for such a sweet compliment, I was blushing when I read it :) It just so happens Julia Roberts is my favorite actress! I absolutely LOVE your clock!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

    P.S I posted the peace pics on my blog!! I hope you get tons more pics, I really enjoy looking at them!!

  5. Yayyyy!!! It looks so perfect on your wall!!!!!

  6. Awesome clock! And I must say I LOVE your typewriter! I hope I get my peace pictures taken before the giveaway ends :)


  7. What a cute clock! Oh how I love getting fun stuff in the mail! I just signed up for Happy Mail for the month of February! I am so excited, I blogged all about it today and a guess I recruted a couple of new ladies to add to the mail list! Yay!


  8. YAY I finally posted my pictures :)



  9. awwww..i love that clock!!
    glad someone i know was able to snatch one up!

    oh...and i don't have the postage label printer either. but i do have a scale, so you can just weigh your package, go to usps.com and down load the program and you can print out prepaid forms on the computer (regular printer) and just cut them out and tape them down. EASY!


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