31 July 2011

nursery news...

While Adam and I were away on vacation, something very special was delivered to our house...our crib!!
As soon as we woke up this morning, I was already itching to put it together :)

And of course, as soon as i finished putting it together, I had to fill it :)
I haven't made my bedding yet so I placed a little quilt inside and then filled the rest with some of the baby's toys...

Forgive me for all of the photos of it, but I am just THAT excited about it :)
It seriously just makes me so happy having it in the other room.  It's like a little reminder of the amazingness that is to come with our adoption.
(p.s. I am totally aware that a crib does not go near blinds, and it will be moved before there is actually a baby in it)

So yeah, we are one more step closer.
We also got the changing table/dresser but we just don't have anywhere to put it right now so Im leaving it in the box for now :)
Have a great night loves.


30 July 2011


Today we start our loooong trek home to St. Louis.
We seriously had the BEST week here in Massachusetts with Adam's lovely family.
We are so blessed to have two really great families in our lives.
We are going to try to drive straight through, all 21 hours, without stopping so that we can get home and see our puppies sooner.
We miss Catalina too much and we are probably going to have to steal Picasso from my parents for a day too.
Ok, off to get my last Dunkin Donut treat for awhile, and then we are hitting the road.


28 July 2011


I am in love with New York City...done and done.
Yesterday, Adam's parents took us on a day trip to NYC.  As much as I have traveled all over the place,  I had never been to NYC before that.
It has always been a dream, and now it's realized.
We seriously took over 100 photos of the day and it is sooo hard to only choose a few of them but here we go...

Ok, I know that it's still a lot of photos but....I loved it!!
There are so many more photos and a ton of Instagrams and instal photos too.
I am definitely going to have to make a little mini book of our New York City trip.
HUGE thank your to Pops for driving me all over NYC and making all of my Big Apple dreams come true :)


26 July 2011

nieces and nephews

We are having a blast here!
The past two days have been full of fun times with nieces and nephews up here in Massachusetts.  

Auntie Janel and Uncle Adam brought lots of presents for these cuties :) We are so lucky to have all of them in our family.
We also hit up some antique malls (which are amazing up here).
This trip has been a blast so far!  It is so good to see everyone and to catch up and to just spend time being with each other.  

It's so great to see Adam with his family. We love them!
Tomorrow is NYC!!
I seriously can not wait.
We are only going to be in the city for one day so I have a short list of things I really want to see on this trip.

On my list is:
* hot dog vendor
* pretzel vendor
*  The Guggenheim
* Statue of Liberty
*  Broadway
 * Times Square

I think that may be it but Im not sure. If it's a tourist trap, I am sure to be there :) Adam's dad is an awesome tour guide so I know we will get to see a lot of the city!  
I will have lots and lots of photos to share with you tomorrow night for sure
love you!

25 July 2011


Did you know that you can make Instagram books with Blurb?  Pretty awesome right?
So, after finding this out, I decided that I would document our little trip to Massachusetts and New York with an Instagram book!
For the past two days, it has been driving driving, a night in Pennsylvania, and more driving.
We finally got to Adam's parent's house last night about 8:00pm EST.
It feels so good to be here and to be able to spend time with his family.
Anway, we are heading out to breakfast soon but I thought I would share some Insta-roadtrip photos with you before we leave :)

Start time!

 We drove by Gus' and had to stop for some fresh pretzels before we left St. Louis

 Indiana skies


 My turn to drive

 Dinner at Cracker Barrel

road trip hair...yikes!

 rainy Pennsylvania

 New York

 The George Washington Bridge (so pretty)

a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for a frozen hot chocolate.

Although the ride was really really (times 100) long, we did have a lot of fun.  Adam is the perfect person to road trip with because he's so easy going and never gets crabby. Plus, he drives those long roads like a rock star.  I tried to get every singe "Welcome to..." signs as we entered states but I totally missed Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  I'll have to try and get them on the way home :)  Hopefully, after a week of family and fun I will have a cute little Instagram book to share!
Ok, pancakes are calling my name.
love you!