31 July 2010

renovation day 5

Ohmygoodness, the bathroom is completely finished and I am officially in love with it :)  There are a few other decor aspects that I want to add but other than that...this room is finished!!

It's so gorgeous and wonderful and perfect :)
And here is the progress that we have made in the kitchen:

As soon as we finish the tiled backsplash, the kitchen will be done too!!
Did I mention that this whole renovation was a gift from my aunt and uncle??
Yeah, not only are they skilled, they are totally generous and kind and loving.
It's their ministry, and Adam and I could not feel more blessed by this renovation.
Ok, enough blogging, I need to get back to cleaning and organizing!!
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30 July 2010

a winner :)

Ok, so I used random.org to chose the winner for my cute Momiji giveaway!!
ok and lucky number seven is....

Vintage Love and Photographs!!
Ok miss, go to this site and choose which cutie you would like!!
Email me with your address and I will have her shipped out to you!
It is always super fun to have sporadic giveaways, right??
love yous

renovation part two

Well hello!
Our renovation is still going on and we are making lots of progress to a super amazing kitchen and bathroom!
I feel super accomplished :)
The great thing about my aunt and uncle (well, one of the great things) is that they let us help out with all of the work too!! They explain the process, what each tool does and why, and they let us participate in all of the work. 
It really feels good to know that I was actually a part of everything that is happening plus I am learning some skills.
Need dry wall hung?,  ok :)
Want ceramic tiling done? , I'm your girl!!
(Well, ok, I'm not quite to pro status yet :D)
I really am having so much fun with this project and my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to my aunt and uncle for all of the help the are giving us.  We are super blessed :)
Here are some updated pics of the reno from yesterday and today:

we can finally say goodbye to the wet saw for now though, because all of the tile work is FINISHED!! We have new tile floors in both spaces and a newly tiled shower :D

So, for five days now, I have been covered in dust and tile scraps, I have scratches all over my arms from broken tile.  I have only worn yucky work clothes and absolutely no make-up.  My skin and hair both feel completely dried out (I have gone through an entire bottle of lotion).  That is obviously why there are NO pictures of me at all from this project so far. DISGUSTING let me tell you!! 
BUT, I did find a picture of me in my iphoto library that I took before a wedding I went to last weekend.  I actually needed to look at it because I almost forgot what I look like normally! lol!!
So, here I am, in better days :)

night loves!!
p.s. who watched Project Runway?!  Go A.J.!!!

29 July 2010

cute shop alert!

 Check out this adorable shop!!  Plasticland is filled to the brim with cute cute products ranging from housewares, clothing, accessories, beauty, art, everything!!  I have seriously spent the last hour pouring over page after page of cuteness.  Here are some of my personal faves!!

Wow!!  I love it all!  Super cute, and super reasonable pricing too!! Have fun looking!! 
P.S. the new season of Project Runway starts tonight and what's even cooler is I actually KNOW one of the contestants :)  I actually heard that two of the contestants come from St. Louis :)  Now it is going to be even more fun to watch !!

p.s.  you should go check out this post, it makes my heart so happy!!! 

28 July 2010


I have found another obsession.
because, you know, I really need another one :)
Fortunately, with adoption on the brain I am in a total "no spending" mindset.
Once upon a time, I was paired up with my best friend Jenny for happy mail.
On her little survey it said that she collected Momiji dolls.
I checked out the link and fell in LOVE!!  I ordered one for her and when it came in the mail, I feel in a deeper love with them.
Now, Im a collector too!
I have three of these cuties so far and I smile every time I look at them.
Today I was browsing the site.  Im so the type of person who feels the need to torture themselves when they have no money to be spending :) lol!
Here are some of the new dolls that are on my "want list":

Oh my goodness I love them so so much!!  Don't they just make you smile when you look at them??  Im going to have a whole shelf of them in my baby's room some day :)
Now for the giveaway part of this post!!
I am almost at 1,000 followers!
Seriously, is that crazy or what??
So, this will be my close to 1,000 followers giveaway. lol

All you have to do is leave me a comment, on this post, telling me a random act of kindness that you could do for someone this week.

I have seen a couple of amazing blog posts on kindness (here and here) today and it makes my heart happy.

The winner of this giveaway will get to chose a momiji doll of their choice that I will purchase and send to you :)  Another cute momiji doll fact, there is an opening in the bottom where you can leave a secret note for someone.  I will write you a cute little note, insert into your momiji, and send her your way!!!

This giveaway will end on Friday night so leave me a comment to win!!!
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Ok, I have floors to tile!!  I'll see you lovelies later!!

27 July 2010

working working working :)

Oh hello there cute people :) I just got finished putting together the new bathroom furniture.  Oh geeze, not fun at all :)  I finally have my camera and chord so I am going to post all of the amazing progress that was made in the bathroom today and yesterday :)
Here we go:  Firstly, can we talk about the ugliness of the before pic?? Usually I crop out the floor and the cabinets from any photos I have taken of the bathroom.  They are THAT ugly.  Everything that i had before was original to this condo which is about 15 years old.  If we are going to have a baby in the house, we needed to update to be nicer and safer.
I think I will tell the story in pictures since pictures are more fun to look at :)

We worked all day and night yesterday and got so much accomplished.  Today we layed all of tile, installed the new toilet (I dislike that word :D), and grouted the shower and most of the floor :)  Tomorrow I will have sooo many pictures that will show more finished details and we are really hoping to install everything else by THURSDAY! eeek! I am sooo pumped :)  I am sad to say that I think the pink bathroom will need a new paint job :)  The pink isn't working with the "spa-like" feel of the new loo so I think we are going with white! I can't even believe it :)  The accessories are going to add the pops of color though so I'm not worried!!
ok, loads to do still tonight and my break is almost up!
love you.

26 July 2010

the loo!

Today I spent 13 hours working in the bathroom :)  My super hero aunt and uncle are beyond amazing at what they do.  We got sooooo much accomplished with the renovation!!!  I can't wait to show you.  We have no water or toilet at the moment, so tonight, we are sleeping at my parent's house.  I forgot my camera so I can't upload real pics from today.  The one above is from weheartit.
Also, a shout out to Adam who worked all day and then came home and worked all night with us. He's pretty much the best. 
Off to sleep...

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25 July 2010

demolition and quilts

It has been busy busy here at the Scissors house:) This whole week was spent working at VBS in the arts and craft class :)  It was a total blast.  I even met some amazing people who I know were brought into my life as a huge blessing.  
We are currently getting ready to renovate our bathroom and kitchen here at the condo.  These are both rooms that have not been updated at all since this place was built 14 years ago.  We are re-tiling and, and installing new bathroom cabinets, tile work, toilet, and storage in the bathroom this week!!  We have been saving for like 2 years and we are super excited to be doing it ourselves (with loads of help and guidance from the best aunt and uncle around).
Today, has been super fun because I have been busting tiles out and pulling of baseboards and ripping out cabinets....so fun!! Here are some peeks at my demo progress :)

I told myself that I have to take a lot of pics to document the progress because I totally forgot to take pictures years ago when we installed hard wood floor throughout the house.  That was another amazing process and I have no pics to document it :(
Yesterday, I worked on cleaning out all of the cabinets and organizing all of the supplies needed for those projects.  I supplemented my time in between with working on the custom quilt I am working on for Lindsay!!  I was super excited to finish the quilt top and I must say, it looks so lovely :)  Lindsay did a super job choosing the fabrics for the quilt.  What do you think?

adore!!  I also sewed some fabric on the front of my journal for the upcoming journal class that I am teaching which starts TOMORROW.  I seriously can not wait!!  Ok, I need to get back to busting some tile.  Have a wonderful Sunday friends.  Mad Men is back tonight!!! eeeeek!