18 January 2010

Blog Feature: Emily!

1. Tell us about yourself!

Hi!! My name is Emily (MLE), I am 32 and I guess you could say I am a jack of all trades. I am a yoga teacher, freelance seamstress, sewing teacher, nanny and collect & sell vintage on etsy. I live in Phoenix, AZ where it is strangely lovely right now at 70 degrees in January.

2. What kind of crafts (or other hobbies) are you into right now?

I love to sew everything from dresses, purses, yoga pants, custom projects and alterations. Also, I like making aromatherapy products such as body scrub, eye pillows and heating pads using lots of lavender and rose.

I'm currently in style school which has been keeping me very busy and helping me to harness more personal style and learn new crafting skills.

3. What are some of your current obsessions?

big vintage mugs that can be used for coffee, tea, soup or icecream
cotton vintage dresses from the 60s
funky wall art

4. What is one of your crafty goals (or other goals) for 2010?

*having a successful etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/everythingsgold)
I am currently in transition with that, more items to be added soon.
*participate in a weekly or monthly craft night
*go back to school and work towards my masters
*learn how to crochet and make amigurumi creatures.

5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?

I use my blog like a special treasure chest/random drawer. Its a little personal, pretty, inspiring and supportive of the diy community. I occasionally post recipes, funny videos and random information about the moon, india, yoga, art and movies. I still consider myself new to the blogging world but each day I'm loving it more.

6. Name your 5 favorite blogs! (with the links so I can link them)

The Moldy Doily
Bleubird Vintage
Skinny glasses girl
A Beautiful Mess
When Pigs Have Wings

THanks You Ms. Janel!
I really enjoy your blog :)


  1. Aww, Emily! I used to shop at her store Gold Lion in Phoenix and she was always such a ray of sunshine when I would go in there. It's nice to see her on here.


  2. one, emily is adorable!

    two, i am so happy you are going to join in on the quilt project, thank you!

    much love

  3. hey janel, is there a place where i can email you at? i didn see one on your page

  4. aww thanks Emily! awesome feature for you and I hope you accomplish all you wish for ;o)


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