18 January 2010


I finished the Running with Inspiration challenge:)
I think Im the only one! LOL.
Today's word was Pride.
I did painting filled with words all about me, good and bad.
(sorry for the yuc iphone pics...still no charger :D)

I am proud to be me :)
I got tons and tons of Happy Mail ready to send out :)

I embroidered this lovely on vintage fabric to send to a special someone:

I went to the raddest art studio today with my mom and my sister. It's called yucandu. I loved it. As soon as my sister sends me the pictures (let the stalking begin) I will share with you what I made and all of the amazing decor.
I loved it.

** On a side note, I just wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to all of you who read my blog regularly, and leave comments and think that I am cool enough to "follow.' It warms my heart every time I think of it :) So, I just wanted to give you another little thank you from me :)
** I also want to make sure that I have all of your blogs in my google reader so if you aren't sure if I follow your blog yet, please leave the url in the comments section so that I can add your blog to my reader :)
Thank you
thank you
thank you
i love you!


  1. you are too much for my heart. one of the most inspiring people i've ever met. love <3

  2. Ooooh, you just got me in the heart!!!! Ha!
    I'm working on it!!!!

    Looove your painting! That's awesome!!! You were a busy girl today!!! You rocked it! I can't wait to see pics of this art studio!!!

  3. haha you look like me with all those packages to send out! Your painting is so cute!! I love it!! great job! I love reading your blog and I love commenting and I love being your friend and I love YOU!!! hehe

  4. oh i love that owl it's sooo cute!!!!!

  5. Janel I love that painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I hope there is something for me there in that "to be sent" mail. :)


  6. love the painting.

    love the embroidery.

    even your happy mail looks beautiful!

    i know you already know (because i must have told you a thousand times!), but i think you're a wonderful person, and i love reading your blog! I just all around love ya.

  7. your painting is awesome, love how you see yourself!

    and that owl is way too cute!!! lucky person!

  8. oh wow i love the painting!
    and that little embroidery is too cute!

  9. I love reading your Blog...
    I just started a blog myself I hope you will check it out
    faberinmarie.blogspot.com I would leave you my url but I don't know what that is

    Thanks for all your great ideas and fun things going on in your life...


  10. Love the owl! My blog is aroostudio.blogspot.com

  11. I love the painting! And I love the owl!!


  12. That painting is beautiful! All of your Running with Inspiration projects have been so wonderful and they truly are inspiring.

    I LOVE the owl embroidery too :) I just started collecting them and making my own little owl stuffed animals. :) Whoever gets it is one lucky person.

    My blog is http://kjjventura.blogspot.com/ I just started it, so it is a work in prgress :)

  13. congrats on finishing your challenge! dont you just love that feeling?


    oh...p.s. http://creativespacesuntiedlaces.blogspot.com/

  14. Hi Janel, I have a blog although is mainly about my little one. I do have a project for this year. A weekend picture of something in the blog :)
    Love your blog tons tons tons!


  15. Such a cute owl and I've loved your Running with Inspiration projects :)

  16. oh, the owl is really awesome!!! ;-)

    my blog is http://www.peppermintcreatures.blogspot.com

    xoxo trine

  17. That painting has a really nice idea! :)

  18. Ooh, I love your new painting! It's inspired me to make one about me, too! :)

  19. the owl is so darn cute! love your painting.

  20. Janel, I love the painting! And the little embroidered owl...soo sweet.

  21. I love the embroidery! A LOT!

  22. I love your painting Janel. You are such a beautiful person.


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