04 January 2010


It is that time again, where I look back on my goals from the previous month and check them off :)
The goals that are bold, are the ones that were accomplished:
December Goals:
1. have another Rad give-a-way
2. Reach 240 followers on my blog (300!! Take that December :D)
3. Make all, or buy hand-made Christmas presents
4. watch lots of Christmas movies
5. send out Christmas cards

6. Crochet a pair of granny square slippers ( I am bolding this because I did make one slipper)
7. Start an advent calendar tradition with Adam
8. bake Christmas cookies (We have everything to do this, we even had everything sitting out and realized we didn't have a rolling pin, and they are kind of expensive...boo!)
9. Work on creating a style file for all of my inspiration pics
WOW!! I think that I accomplished a lot this month. I will admit that since December is such a busy month, I wanted to keep my goals simple and reachable. Done and done. I accomplished all but 1 1/2...pretty good!
Writing these goals on my blog and feeling accountable for them at the end of the month, really helps me with wanting to finish them :)
Sooooo, with that, here are my new goals for the month

January Goals:
1. Start weight watchers
2. read two books
3. continue to crochet my afghan
4. do my knee exercises every single day
5. Take my calcium supplement every day (I don't do milk)
6. send out Happy Mail as much as I can
7. do a daily devotional every day this month
8. find or make a great birthday present for my sister.
9. take good care of Adam after his heart surgery.
10. be a blessing


  1. Good luck with your goals! I know you can do it!!

  2. you ARE a blessing sweetheart!! xoxo

  3. wow! you did so much in december! :) great job! [and i haven't forgotten to take pictures of steven's present. i'm hoping the sun will come out and i can today or tomorrow!]

    and good luck with your new goals! i really need to start setting smaller goals each month. you're an inspiration janel!

    love you!

  4. wow... the one goal that you missed was the one that i completed. x10. haha!

    ps, why is my word verification "preggo"?

  5. Great January goals! You are amaaaaazing! (I was singing that :)

  6. awesome goals! congrats on finishing a lot of them!!
    LOVE YOU!!

  7. You can cross off 10. You are a blessing.

  8. a) you are a blessing. good friend award!
    b) good luck with weight watchers! my parents did/do it, and i enjoyed it too, because it kept me healthy too!
    c) i don't do milk either. sick nasty ew.

  9. awesome goal getting!!
    how did you organize your inspiration? i feel like mine are all over the place.
    so adam is going to have surgery? when? i hope everything goes well!
    also, i don't do milk, except with peanut butter and jelly sandwichs and oreos.
    miss you and can't wait to see you!

  10. good luck with your goals! i know you can do it!

  11. Totally check off "be a blessing"...DONE! Congrats on starting WW - I did it a few years back and was so happy with my results. Fast forward to now...starting WW again to lose the 10 lbs that snuck back on me! I didn;t do the meetings or anything, but it still worked for me. I will say that the magazine is full of inspiration. I'd be happy to help if you need any! Happy New Year, Janel!


  12. Hey! Are you doing a specific devotional? I'm looking for a good one :)


  13. Is your Style File an actual file or is it on your computer? I love Anthropologie!

    When is Adams heart surgery?


  14. I bought a kid's set of baking utensils at IKEA and that is where the rolling pin that I used comes from. It has worked so far :)and it was not that expensive.


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