30 June 2011

Bonus Prompt

How about a little bonus prompt??
Well, it's not really a prompt, just a little something that I always do in my journal at random times :)

Sometimes I just like to doodle little drawings or write little one line reminders or ideas. Instead of using up a whole main page in my journal, I usually do these on the back of my journal pages.  I think it adds a nice little visual element to the pages, don't you think?

Here are some of the examples from this particular journal:

I would love to see any little last minute additions you make in your journal!! Post them in the Flickr group for sure :)


29 June 2011

Prompt 30

Last day!!!  Oh my goodness, it's so bittersweet.  I have had such a great time, chatting, journaling, and Flickr-ing with you :)  I really hope that we all stay in touch through blogs, emails, and Flickr after this challenge, promise?  I love the idea of doing this challenge annually and I have been known to teach a journal class or two so keep checking back on the old blog for more journaling inspiration :)  You have been amazing.  Thank you all for encouraging me through this class!!
I love you all so much!!
Ready for our last prompt?

Journal Prompt:   A thank you :)  This page is to serve as a thank you to someone who has helped you out, inspired you, encouraged you, etc., specifically during this month.  Chose this page to document your thanks and express it!!!

My page:

This one goes to all of you :)  The lovely people who believe in my journaling skills and challenge me to be creative. 
THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart :) 
I love you all so much!!

Journal Challenge:  After you create your page, share it with the person to whom it's dedicated to.  I dare you!!!

xo (times one million),

28 June 2011

Prompt 29

Good evening journalers!
I can't believe that we only have one more stinking prompt left after today!! 
I am going to write this one up pretty quickly because I have had a loooooong day and my bed is seriously calling my name right now :)

Journal Prompt 29: An Interview.  Take the time today to write up a short and sweet little interview in your journal and then...go interview someone.  I originally wanted the prompt to be about interviewing a stranger and then I found it really hard for myself to go up to a stranger and do that :)  So, I took the easy way out and interviewed my mom :)  Anyway, create a generic interview or an interview created specifically for the person you choose to give it to.

My page:

This here is my interview. I gave my mom a lime green pen and had her fill in her answers.  I didn't get a chance to photo the finished page while the sun was still out so I will add her finished interview to this post sometime tomorrow.  
This was a fun page and I hope that you are able to challenge yourself through it :)
night night!


27 June 2011

Prompt 28

Happy third to last day of the 30 day Journal Challenge!! I can not believe a.) that this week is our last week of journaling together and b.) that June is officially almost over!!  This summer is going by way too fast!!  Speaking of June almost being over... here is your prompt:

Journal Prompt:  What are your goals for July?  Today we will write a list of goals that we would like to accomplish in July.  I know I have said a million times but goals are another one of my most favorite things to journal about.  It makes me feel more accountable for them if they are written down and waiting to be crossed off.  Try to think of 3-5 easily attainable goals. 

My page:

We have so many exciting plans for July! I can't wait to cross all of these goals off of my list :)


monday musings

**  So, that photo above is probable one of the prettiest things I have seen all week.  I love every single thing about it :)

**  This right here, is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen and will be doing something of the sorts with the husband in the near future (don't peek at it Adam).

**  I did a little nursery shopping on Gilt last night :)  There was so much cuteness available, and the deals that you get on Gilt just make it so irresistible sometimes :)  
Here is what a scored for our some day little girl :)

And my total was under $40.  You just can't beat that since the mobile alone is around $60 originally.  I'm so excited to get them :)
If you haven't got an invite to Gilt yet, click here, you will not regret it :)

**  Today is still stormy-central so there will be no water walking at the pool for me.  Instead, I have dedicated the morning to cleaning and purging the house.
fun fun fun.
What are you all up to today?


26 June 2011

Prompt 27

Good evening my friends.  Im just getting home from an amazing day with family.  We had the BEST cook out and just had fun spending time together.  Those are the best days :)  Three more days of the challenge!! eeeek!

Journal Prompt:  Who or what inspires you?  What gets your creative juices flowing. Is there a person that just oozes inspiration and makes you want to be more creative?  This is your time to document that!!

My page:

I decided to make a visual list of sorts of all of the places where i find my inspiration.  The more I am doing creative things, the more the inspiration hits me.  Does that make sense? 
Looove it!!
Alright, I am off to get all bunkered in ready for the thunderstorm and tornado warnings that are happening here all night. 

25 June 2011

Prompt 26

Wow, we are officially nearing the end of this challenge.  I really feel like it has flown by this year! After today, there are only four more prompts to go!!  

Journal Prompt: Today...  Think of a creative way to document your day and then do it!

My page:

I've done this before in my journal and it's fun to see the different ways that I have documented it in the past.  Here are a couple of examples from some of my other journals...

It's always a fun page to look back on :)
Have fun, and get creative!!
Speaking of being creative, do any of you plan on keeping up with your journal after the challenge is over? I would love to hear about it if you do.


24 June 2011

Prompt 25

Today's prompt is one that we did in last years challenge as well.  I like to revisit this one because it's constantly changing yet always really fun to document :)

Journal Prompt:  What's in my bag?  This is always a fun little blog post that I see all over the internet.  I love seeing what's in other people's bags.  These are the things that are important to people and what makes them, them!  Today we are going to document it on paper instead of our blogs ok?

My page:

As you can plainly see, I remembered to use a pencil first before I drew my bag :)  I haven't ever drawn this bag before and wasn't feeling confident enough to free-hand it like I did with the rest of the page.  After I drew it with pencil, I traced it with my pen, and then realized....I do not own a single eraser!
So, what's in your bag??


23 June 2011

Prompt 24

I love seeing your pages!  Seriously, it's my favorite thing to do :)  I love checking the Flickr group, I do it like 5 times a day!  I know my goal was to focus on text for this journal and typography but I am LOVING all of the pages that I see with drawings and illustrations as representations too!  I am so glad that no one is feeling restricted with their creativity during this project.  I love all of the differences I am seeing!!!

Journal Prompt:  I make ____ well.  What is something that you do really well.  It could be that you make some type of food well, a type of art. etc .  Some of you may be like me and you make messes really well?  Whatever it is that you do well, document it today :)

My page:

I make quilts very well :)  It seriously took me a really long time to think of ONE thing that I do really well.  Isn't that crazy?  Whatever :)  I really like the way that this page turned out and I really do believe I make pretty good looking quilts!!


a mili...

Welcome to " a mili Thursday!"  I know that this feature is usually a Monday thing, but there are some items that are so beautiful, they needed to be blogged about immediately.
Without further ado, here are five new things that make me want to buy a lottery ticket :)

1.  I have been wanting a double ring with my name on it for awhile now.  I saw this adorable customized couple one on etsy and I loooooove it so much!
2.  This vintage luggage set is just too too perfect!

3.  I heart this vintage tapestry bag so much too!

4.  and how amazing are these nesting dolls?

5.  And last but obviously not least... I want to marry this necklace :)

Oh to be a mili-anaire :)
Happy shopping, and browsing, and lusting my friends.


22 June 2011

Prompt 23

Well friends, it is day 23 of our challenge and as you can see, there are so many people who are still going strong!! I love it :)
There are only 7 days left and I know we can do it!!
Day 23 is a fun one.

Journal Prompt:  Summer Sounds!  If you are like me, music is a total MUST.  There are so many great blogs that post playlists regularly and I love love love finding new music through them.  Today, I would like you to create your perfect Summer Playlist :)  Deal?

My page:

I am one of those people who mostly listen to home-made CD's from songs I download on Itunes.  I am not much of a radio listening person.  I love seeing playlists that other's have created to find new music.  I can not wait to see all of your playlists.  After all of your pages are posted in the Flickr group, I'll probably have to make a collaborative CD for my summer drives :)
Have fun!! Be inspired by music today!!


my week so far...

What was life like before camera phones? I love taking photos with my phone and using all of the great photography apps that I have.  Here are some iphone photos from my week so far :)

These posts are always fun because they give you a little peek into my every day life :)
I hope you all are having a super week. 
My week has been great, besides the fact that my keys have been lost for over a week now, boo.
Check back tonight for the newest journal prompt.