30 January 2010


Time to look back on my January goals and see how well I did at accomplishing them!
The ones that are pink, are the ones that I accomplished

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January Goals:
1. Start weight watchers
2. read two books

3. continue to crochet my afghan
4. do my knee exercises every single day
5. Take my calcium supplement every day (I don't do milk)
6. send out Happy Mail as much as I can
7. do a daily devotional every day this month
8. find or make a great birthday present for my sister.
9. take good care of Adam after his heart surgery. (postponed until March)
10. be a blessing

Yikes! Not sooo good. Well, kind of good but not the best that's for sure. Especially because the things that I did not accomplish are the things that I need!!
Well...at least by documenting all of these goals I do feel more accountable and even more serious now about getting more of them accomplished each month.
And with that....my new goals:

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February Goals:
1. Make something cute for valentine's day (home-made gifts only)
2. take a picture of Adam and I on our 1 year anniversary (one year already!!!)
3. work out at least 4 times a week
4. get highlights
5. read 2 books
6. be a blessing daily
7. come up with an idea for my 30th birthday
8. get our washing machine fixed or get a new one
(if I was a millionaire, I would get this one :D)

9. keep up with WW.

** easy enough I THINK :) Let's hope I do better than last month! I will, promise :)
Thank you so much for letting me share these goals with you.


  1. What books did you read? Any good ones? :)

  2. you did great! dont count yourself short for not accomplishing everything!

    i would so choose the same washing machine, oh boy! in love!

    by the way, thank you again for all of your sweet comments lately, it means alot!

  3. I love goal making (an finishing). Those are great goals to have. I'm not doing a monthly but I am doing yearly goals.

    Good luck to you!

  4. those all sound like good goals. i believe you can accomplish them.

  5. you got this girl!! I bet you will accomplish every single one :)

  6. omg calcium. i don't have any or take any either. we are bad. we have to start now!!! now!!!



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