25 February 2009

red + turquoise =love

Speaking of weddings :) The colors for my wedding are a turquoise (I like to call it Mexican Ocean Blue) and Red. There really isn't much red but I love incorporating it in here and there. I totally heart these two colors together. Here are some flickr faves that show the true beauty of this color combination:

And now for some serious Etsy love:
You can find this lovely poster Here:

Omgoodness, I looooove this log-cabin quilted pillow:

which you can find HERE!
This darling bangle is recycled and only $4.00 Here:

This artist has so many illustrations done in these colors but this one is actually called, The Wedding!

Here are some other's of hers that I love

simple and lovely :)
And I bought both of these as soon as this lovely posted them:

Ok, that is all of the inspo that I have for now :) I have been a little behind on my online class projects with the wedding and my school's art show and parent teacher conferences all happening in the same week. I am drained by the time I get home but I always have time to get inspired and to inspire others in the blog world. Have a great night and hopefully tomorrow I will have some more time to my scarf done! So excited!

Guess what?!

Adam and I are FINALLY tying the knot <3

OMgoodness :)
I'm not sure it gets more exciting than that.
This wedding is going to be dressy casual (no wedding dress and tux).
Only family will be attending.
Adam and I will commit to each other before God!
The most perfect wedding ever :)

**That doesn't mean that wedding #2 in Cozumel won't be absoutely amazing either :) Ha!
Happy Wednesday :)

23 February 2009

Hide Them Here Journal Covers

Our 4th project in my online class with Elsie and Rachel was the "Hide Them Here Journal Covers!" Basically, all we did was use items that we had around the house and used them to decorate the covers of our Moleskin journals. P.S. Moleskin journals are the besssssssst!
I literally spent about 30 minutes on this project and that is it!

Now, I just have to start filling them up :)
Loves! Now I am on to the doily throw:) soooooo excited about this one!

Quilting love

Quilts to me are so amazing. The coolest part about them, to me, is the story that most likely lives in each piece of fabric. Quilting takes time, patience, creativity and extreme love for the person to whom you are making it for. When I was in middle school I made a quilt out of fabric that I found in my grandma's basement. It was an activity that I took on to help pass the dog days of summer. I even put in a lot of plain white squares that I ended up sewing really cool patches on (ha! Brittish flag, Greatful Dead, my dad's army patch with our last name, and a My Little Pony Patch. I also sewed sequins on to some patches making flowers and rainbows. Finally, on the left over white squares I used the iron-on printer paper to print out a picture of James Dean and one of the lead singer of Goo Goo Dolls! Sooooo funny!! My grandma's church quilting group sewed my quilt top to it's back and quilted it all together. I love it. It is the gaudiest thing on earth and I still use daily. Well, ever since then I have been in love <3 with quilts. My very soon to be Mother-in-law is a quilter and her work is amazing. She actually made me a crazy quilt that I feel so blessed to have :) So, now that Mrs Denbow has inspired me to bust our the old sewing machine, I am determined to make a quilt. Which kind? What fabric? Where do I begin? Will it be as easy as the blanket I made? So many questions!!!!
Tonight I went to Flickr, typed in quilts, and let the inspiration begin. Here are some beautiful quilts that I fell in love with. I hope that these pictures will be as inspiring to you all as you continue to create beautiful things as well!!

Absolutely breathtaking! I am thinking that for right now I will start with somethings super simple. Are there any "must-have" tools that I should be looking into or sites with tips that I should read before I start this adventure with my sewing machine??
Love you!


This sketch is supposed be something kitschy! I am not sure if this is technically kitschy but I like it :) I took inspiration from the Home Sweet Home cross stitched picture that I purchased from Pony Party and went from there! What is funny is that I had done a different sketch and I had sketched a few diamonds and Adam said, "Janel you can NOT do diamonds, Holly Sarah put diamonds on hers!!" I love when he knows what's going on :) So, here it is, Sketch #9.

I will be emailing everyone tonight who wanted to participate in the craft swap!! I am soooo excited because there is at least 15 of us participating!! Can NOT stinkin wait :)

22 February 2009

Oh Bachelorette Party :)

All I can say....so much fun!
I think that if you had to pick the best place to have my bachelorette party, The City Museum would be it! Nicole is amazing, the best maid of honor, friend, and of course, sister. I had the most perfect night ever :)
We started off the night attempting to go to Flannery's Pub for dinner. Well, it was Mardi Gras and packed with lots of drunko's and no free tables. So, I decided to take one for the team and we walked next door to a sushi bar. (Seriously?) That would have been the last place that I would choose to eat but it ended up being delicous. I had the best fried rice (no egg) that I have ever eaten in my life :)I even tried cucumber sushi rolls wrapped in sea weed. It was good too! and these little pea snap things ?? So good :) Here are some pics of my lovely friends and I at Wasabi on Washington:

After Wasabi, we headed over to the City Museum. For those of you who do not live in St. Louis the City Museum is the 600,000 square feet museum built and decorated completely with found materials. This place has, playgrounds, 8 story slides, a circus, a craft area, an area to do art, and aquarium, caves, a train, tunnels, factories, a thrift shop, a bar, an outdoor area, tons of sculptures, murals, mosaics and cafes. I am pretty sure there is a million more things that I have not seen because it is sooooo big and full of things to do! My favorite thing there is the vintage black and white photo booth. My favorite!! The unfortunate thing is that every time I am there, something happens to it and it doesn't work for me. Seriously!!! After the second girl I got my picture taken with, the photo booth stopped working. Shocker!!!
Here are some pictures of our time there....so fun!!!

We made Mardi Gras masks at the Arts and Crafts center:

Here is my attempting the hamster wheel. Yikes! As soon as we got it going I totally ate it and it just kept going around and around with me laying there. It was funny!

Here are some more pretty shots of the museum

Some pictures of me and my favorite girls :) Seriously you girls are all true, fabulous, amazing friends and I love you all soooo much!!

Once they turned all of the lights out and let people go around with flashlights only (we didn't have one) we went outside to The Log Cabin which is like a teeny tiny pub with live music and a fire pit outside. The icing on the cake was the face that they sold Smore supplies at the pub for a dollar and you could go out to the fire pit to make your own Smores. BTW-Smore's are my most favorite treat ever!! It was sooo perfect!

Well, then the sprinkles, on top of the icing, on top of the cake was the fact that Nicole bought her and I these amazing sister necklaces at the Gift Shop. We both love anything Day of the Dead. Looooooooove it!

And while we are speaking of my sister, can I just say how wonderfully amazing she is. It is inexpressable. She is amazing and I am so blessed to have her!! Thanks nini for the best bachelorette party a girl could ever ask for :) Love you!