30 January 2010

how about a d.i.y?

I absolutely adore my Nintendo DS and I pretty much carry it around with me in my bag a lot.

I decided today, that I wanted to make a cute little bag to carry it in, like a DS case I guess. All of the cases that were at the store were not cute and I knew that it would be easy enough just to make one!
Easy enough for ALL of us to make.
Here are the supplies you will need:

thick yarn (I used Lion Brand)
a G sized crochet hook
embellishments of your choice
1. First step is to chain stitch 25
and begin to single crochet

2. I didn't count how many rows that crocheted but I just stopped when it was a little bit longer than my DS. End your crochet but leave your tails long enough so that you can use them to stitch the sides together later.

3. Fold your crocheted piece in half so that it's the perfect little DS size now :)

4. Use your tails and weave them through your stitches to sew the open side together.

5. continue to weave in the tails through the bottom opening of your case as well :)

6. Now your case should look like this!

7. and now you just flip it inside out :)

8. Now it's time to add your embellishments!! I have a gumball machine filled with these cute crocheted circles. Take your needle and thread and apply them to your new case!!

9. and now admire the cuteness!

That was a lot of fun!! I still haven't decided if I want to add a zipper or a button and loop for closure. This cutie bag could be used for pretty much anything!! If you decide to make one, please leave me a comment with a link so I can check it out!
Also, opinion time...would you like to see more little D.I.Y. projects on my blog??
love you!


  1. I love my nds, too! This is way cuter than the regular ones. If i knew how to crochet/knit this would come in handy ^_^

  2. That's so cute, Janel!!! You did a great DIY post!!! Love it!!! YES!!! More! More!

  3. That is a cute bag for your DS! I don't have a DS but I have been thinking about making something similar to this for my camera so I feel better about carrying it around with me. Thanks for the DIY and yes please do more DIYs! I love DIY posts!

  4. AH this is so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing how to make it!! So cute!

  5. woah, awesome diy!
    We're pink ds buddies. :) I carry mine everywhere too! Hardly ever find time to play it tho....

  6. It's great! Loved that you used a cute background and lots of pics because I'm a picture learner!

    I don't have one but I love the idea.

  7. UH! SO pretty, looks like an easy crochet project (I am deadly scared of crochet now since my granny clutch fiasco) but i'll give this one a try!
    And yes, more DIY please!!

    xo :)

  8. YESSS!! i <3 dyi!! :) i can't decide if i want a ds or not. i kinda want an old school game boy :) i love the mario brothers game... whatever i get i'm so going to have to make a cute case for :)... i love yours! i think you should do the button and clasp... but thats me :)

    happy day!


  9. Good golly that is so cute!! I love those flowers!
    You are so clever miss j.

  10. so cute!!!
    yes pleace, more DIY !! :)

  11. This is really cute, Janel! You've come a long way since you learned to make a granny square. I'm so glad you stuck with it. :o)

  12. this is so cute Janel!!! Awesome DIY! I am totally ging to make one!! Love you!!

  13. Ok i will get on that when I learn to crochet/knit. -----:D

    I would love to make it for my dd. Its too cute for boys and they would just ruin it.

    thanks so much!!

  14. great job I have been looking for a case but you are right nothing I have found is that cute!

    we have the same one :D

  15. Love it, I would have to knit one though, I can't crochet to save my life! Love the colors!! You can't go wrong with yarn and a pink DS on a Saturday, can ya??
    Love ya,

  16. Oh, and yes I'll have some more DIY's too!!

  17. LOVE IT!!
    So cute and I love the DIY projects on the blog! :) More please!

  18. you did such a good DIY...really liked all the pics, its easier to learn that way. i may have to attempt at making one for my camera. thanks love.

  19. I would love love love to see more DIYs on your blog!

  20. adorable! i wish i had a ds now!

  21. CUTE!!! more diys please!!

  22. yes please I love DIY posts they are my favorite!! Love your DS cozy, its adorable!!


  23. i love the color of you picked!!! it's so pretty!!

  24. yes, that is so cute! i like the embellishment ;)

    it makes me wish i had a ds...:D


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