29 September 2010

walk this way

I am ready ready ready for fall :)
We have had about two days this week where it has felt fall-ish :)
I have set out all of my cute Autumn collections.  Here is a peak at some...

Today, has definitely been one of those days, not in a good way.  Im ready for tomorrow.
Thank God for fresh starts :)

ps. I posted the winners to Jessica's giveaway in the post below, check it out and contact her if you are one of the winners!

pss. I wanted to really quickly address "the zine" that I contributed a couple of articles to, Creative Juice.  The whole situation was pretty disheartening.  Pretty much, all of us writers got screwed over :(  Kaelah did a great job explaining the situation here.  I feel the same way that she feels and Im sorry.

28 September 2010

A Run With Scissors Giveaway!

Hello friends!!  I promised a giveaway once I reached 1100 readers and it looks like that goal has been acheived!
So, as a thank you to all of my amazing friends and readers, I am going to do just that :)
Up for grabs is this LARGE painting that I made especially for this lovely season we are entering...Autumn.

This is an original acrylic on canvas, painted by me!
I will also be throwing in some other autumn themed goodies as well (think pumpkin spice kisses, Starbucks gift card...and more)!

All you have to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me one thing you would like to see more of on my blog :)
* You can also get another entry if you follow my blog
* You tweet about this giveaway
*  You blog about the giveaway.
Leave an extra comment for each entry please!!
I will be drawing a winner, next Sunday October 3!!

Thank you again for your amazing comments, friendships and more.  I love all of you more than you know!!


(Seriously, aren't these the cutest headphones you have ever seen?? I scored these over at Late to the Revolution. and I am officially in love :D  Thanks to Amy for featuring them on her blog )

So on this Tuesday I will:
*  journal
*  clean the house
*  make cuckoo clocks with my fifth graders
*  visit my parents and look at all of my mom's American Girl collection
*  Write out my goals for October
*  take a picture of all of the cute things I have gotten for Pita thus far.
*  write love letters to at least 5 people
*  drink  apple cider
*  skype with some lovelies
*  photograph some more cute fall themed decor DIY's
*  Count my blessings
*  thank God for everything

I love you.

p.s. Jessica chose the winners for her giveaway!!  The winners are Janelle Eller for giveaway #1 and 
ani hearts japan for giveaway #2.  Please contact Jessica at daveloughrey@comcast.net.

27 September 2010

A Mili...

So, I decided to "try" and do at least one weekly feature here on the blog :)  
 I am constantly finding cute things that I LOVE online and offline.
I also think it will be a great way to showcase all of the creative and talented people creating these things!
Things that I would buy if I was made of money...
Like if I was a millionaire.
So, in honor of my inner shopper and my inner gangsta, I have come up with the weekly feature...
"A Mili" Monday :)

Each "A Mili" Monday, I will feature 5 things that LOVE and would own if I was a millionaire :)
fun right?
So here we go...first week!

1.  This Frank Lloyd Wright house that is for sale in California :)

2.  The Starlette Crown by Giant Dwarf

3.  This jacket <3

4.  These cute earrings
5.  Tons and tons of flights for my friends to come and visit and for me to visit them!

(except that even just looking at the picture makes me dizzy :P)

Ok, that is it for my first week of "A Mili" Monday!!
Come back next week to see five more things that I am LOVING and dreaming about!

25 September 2010

i heart instant!

I have had such a great time playing around with my new Fuji Instax wide :)  It is so cute!  I accidently exposed my first roll of film a little bit but it gives the photos that added character that comes with unpredictable film right?  It's all part of the magic of instant film. 
The next roll will be much better :)
Here are some of the practice shots that I took with the camera.

I love them soooo much!!  I can't wait to play around with my Diana camera next!!

24 September 2010


**The winner of Courtney's fall sticker pack is....

**The winner of Maryam's lovely print is....

**The winner of Kyla's adorable leather camera plush is...

**and finally the winner of Kaelah's etsy item of choice is...

** If you won, please contact that sponsor and let them know!!!
I wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaways and an even BIGGER thank you to all of my amazing September sponsors!!  I have two spots left for October.  You can read the information about my sponsor spots right here.

Happy weekend!!


Mine came in the mail yesterday and I am in love!!
I can't believe how huge it is!!

We are in love <3
Other things I am in love with today:
*  My cute sponsors and their great giveaways!! (I will be posting the winners tonight)
*  My job
*  The guy who fixed all of my laptop issues in an hour!
*  chocolate chip cookies from McDonalds
*  the fact that it's Friday
*  amazing, supportive friends
*  the falls leafs that are peeking through a little bit here in Missouri
*  YOU!


23 September 2010

Renegade-the mini.

Last night, I finished my little Renegade Mini Album :)  If you are new to my blog, I like to make little mini albums for every trip I take and for all special occasions! You can see all of my mini books in my Flickr feed!
Our Chicago trip was magic and I hope that this mini book gives you a little peek into the fun that was had.

I put all of the cute business cards that I gathered from booths and placed them in this cute little linen bag.  I stapled the bag onto this page so I can always go back and check out the cute shops that were represented there.

Oh and speaking of mini albums...I finished Lindsay's Goal Book :)  I love love love the cover!!

Happy Project Runway day!!

22 September 2010

Sponsor Feature from Courtney!!

I'm pretty sure we all know how much I adore Courtney!! She is my personal graphic designer for everything I do :) Not to mention she is a wonderful friend! xo

1.  Hello! I am Courtney (or Court or Core) and you may know me from my blog You Will…Won’t You? I am a 27 year old artist who has been working as a commercial photographer, photo stylist and graphic designer. I carry three cameras and two sketchbooks with me everywhere I go. I have been creating my whole life and love to share my creations and endeavors with the world. Oh yeah…and every other letter of my name spell ‘Cute’…I am just trying to live up to it by putting beautiful things out for everyone to enjoy.

  My Etsy shop is currently my favorite place for me to sell all of my handmade and designed items. The majority of items I create are stickers but I have a handful of secret projects going on that will soon be appearing in my Etsy shop. I am so super excited to share them with you (HINT: Some include the artwork of my VERY talented boyfriend!)

 So I don’t know it you would call this an Autumn tradition but in the fall I try to pack in as many horror movie nights (my favorite!) as I possibly can. That and well, soup making! In the fall I like to open my windows, turn the heat off, turn the stove on and make soup all day every day! It’s pretty much all I eat when the temperature drops.  

I would LOVE to giveaway one of my super special Fall Sticker Packs to one lucky reader! Included in the Fall Sticker Pack are five individual designs professionally printed to 1.5”circles. Perfect for you art journal or scrapbook layouts.

 To join this giveaway please follow my blog at You Will…Won’t You? And leave a comment here, on this post, letting Janel know!
Do you want another entry?
Leave a comment telling me what kinds of items you would love to see from me in my shop.

I will be choosing a winner this Friday, September 24 so check back!!!

**Run With Scissors is now accepting sponsor spots for the month of October!! If you are interested in an ad space to promote your cute blog or shop, please email me at the link above!!  I would love for you to be a part of my sweet blog :) **