31 August 2011


Welcome me in giving a warm Run With Scissors welcome to our new September sponsors!!
Aren't they lovely over there on my side bar?
They are all pretty much amazing and I am so proud to have each of them as part of the blog this month :)
Watch for great giveaways and features this month<3
I will be back tomorrow with a couple of new posts.
See you then! 

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29 August 2011

I WILL FALL FOR YOU- Journal Class!

I am so excited to "officially" announce my next online journal class!!

"I Will Fall For You"

Here is the scoop:

Join us for a 30 Day journal challenge jam packed with creative prompts, techniques, giveaways, chats, and of course an amazing community of online friends :)

This class will start October 1 and continue on until the 30th.

 There will be a new prompt/challenge each day.  I'm so excited!!

Once you purchase your class spot, the class login information will be emailed to you within 72 hours. 
This class will be hosted on a private blog.

Would you like a peek into some of my past journals??  Click here!

Here are some sweet testimonials you can read from past classmates :)

"I look forward to each prompt like Christmas morning!"
I love you Janel !!
xoxox cuppy

"I was eager to check the class page each morning, wondering what today's prompt would bring.  They all made me think throughout the day.  I loved coming home and getting all those thoughts onto paper. Thanks Janel."

"This was a great class, and I'm so glad I decided to take it.  And I love knowing that I got to do something I enjoy and got to help bring Pita home at the same time."

"The best way to get to know your inner artist, I have learned so much about myself in this class!"

 "Ive never done an online class before but after taking yours, I will do more in the future.  I loved it! No pressure to get it done by a certain time, that it'll be judged etc - just a class to express yourself and challenge your creativity."

"This was a great experience and I loved how interactive it was with both classmates and students. The journal topics were fresh and insightful (along with inspirational) I feel like I learned a lot and I can't wait for you to do another similar class Janel!!!"

 "janel is an art teacher by profession with an artistic soul and heart. she is encouraging and inspiring without being critical. taking one of her classes is an affordable way to do something positive for someone else and yourself. there is no wrong way to express your art. simply by beginning you may start to think or see things in a new way, and or push yourself further artistically. meeting and interacting with new friends you many never have known before the class is also a fun bonus"

 "I found it very therapeutic to journal each day, it challenged my creativity and it was nice being able to share and look at what other students had done through the flickr group. My classmates were so encouraging and the prompts were relevant and helpful to personal growth. Thank-you! xo"

"I really enjoyed Janel's Journal Class. Not only was this a fun class for me and for others, but it was for a good cause. I am happy I was able to play a small part into getting Pita home to Janel and Adam. I got a little behind in the class, but I feel as if the class is just extended for me :) I made new friends in the chats and got to reconnect with old ones."   -Lindsay

As most of you know, my husband and I are planning in the process of  adopting right now! This is obviously a crazy exciting process and a crazy EXPENSIVE process at that. These classes have been a great way to help us with our adoption and have an amazing time with amazing people, doing something we love all at the same time.

I really hope that you will join me in journaling my way through my favorite season :) 
Another way to help is just by spreading the word!!

Again, I love these classes and I cherish all of the friendships that I have made through them.
Will I see you there?
I hope so.

I will only be taking a limited number of classmates for this class so grab your spot HERE before they are gone!!


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little splurges :)

The month of September is the start of our "serious budget."
Every month is really a serious budget month but from here until December we aren't splurging on anything, no allowance, no eating out, no nothing... just the necessities.  We are in major adoption funding mode and saving mode.
Anyway, I've saved some allowance the past couple of months so that I could do a little pleasure buying before September. 
Here are the things that I "splurged" on:

1.  I purchased this amazing embroidery pattern from Wild Olive.  I am going to embroider it for the baby room with pinks and yellows :)

2.  I am loving this turban style headband from Theif and Bandit.  The print on it is adorable.

3.  A great pair of earrings is a must have.  These are from Moorea's shop.

4.  This adorable little sailor shirt for the baby.

5.  I am just over the moon for these amazing ascot bows from Sunshine and Carousels.  I want like 50 of them but I settled for the one below :)

6.  And another baby room purchase.  I love this stuffed fox from Gingiber.  It's going to be perfection!

I am excited to get these in the mail.  Seriously, what would we do without Etsy??
Also, I am really excited about my next journal class that I will be announcing tomorrow!!!
Be so very excited :) 


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27 August 2011


Have fun browsing the sonofasailor shop :)
Choose your bracelet and let me know which one you would like!

I think I am going with this one!


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26 August 2011

this weekend...

This weekend is for:

* getting the last of our financial paper work to finish our home study
*  a vet appointment for Catalina
*  garage sales
*  Target
*  music
* sewing
*  spending time with my mom before she leaves for Europe (for 17 days)
*  starting my fall journal (it's sooo almost fall so Im starting on it now)
* shipping out orders

What are your plans for this weekend?
Here's to lots of fun :)

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25 August 2011

don't forget...

Don't forget to:

1. Enter the awesome bracelet giveaway from sonofasailor!
I will be choosing a winner very very soon.

2.  To grab your September Ad space for Run With Scissors!
The prices are CHEAP and they are selling fast.  Please secure your spot by emailing me Click here for more information on the pricing and sizes.

3. smile :)

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24 August 2011

home study #2

Tonight is our second home study!!
Which is also, I'm pretty sure, our final home study :)
Next, we will find our child placing agency.
And then, it's a waiting game my friends.
Also known as, a roller coaster.
Wish us luck!


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23 August 2011

Advertise on Run With Scissors!

I'm so excited to be offering AFFORDABLE advertising on Run With Scissors again! 
 I have had so many emails about sponsoring the blog so I brought it back :)
Plus, this is a great way for Adam and I to save money for upcoming adoption.

Why Sponsor Run With Scissors?

I think what makes my blog special is the fact that I blog about so many different aspects of life.  I blog about:

·      Crafting
·      Adoption
·      DIY’s
·      Vintage styling in our home
·      Plus it’s a personal blog so you get a little peek into my life as well.

**I also average about 9 posts a week with lots of weekly features** 

When I have done sponsorship spots in the past, I have had many repeat clients who really enjoyed the perks of being part of Run With Scissors.

I am offering three different packages that you can choose from this month!!

* X-Large Feature/ $40

This package includes:
                the top ad space, all month on Run With Scissors
             plus a seperate feature post
    Tweeted post
                You also get the option of hosting a giveaway (which is another great way to bring readers to your blog)

*Large Ad/$25:

                This gives you a prime ad space on Run with Scissors
   A spot in a group feature blog post with tweet
An option for a giveaway or discount code

*Small Ad/$15:

 ad space under the large ads

This is a for profit blog.  
I am open to review products, or other promotional ideas that you would like to propose.We accept products, clothing, etc., for baby or mom---- but will only showcase items (with a photo and link) that fit our blog :)

Contact me at janel.maclean@gmail.com to secure your ad spot or to discuss reviews.
Ad spots will go up on the first of the month.
Thank you!!


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little pins

My favorite pin board on pintrest is my "Little Love" board.  This is the pin board where I put all of the cute little decor ideas, tutorials, DIYs, and fashion for little ones.  Here are some "little" pins that I am obsessed with as of late :)

There is so much "little" cuteness out there. 
so inspiring. so adorable. soooo in love.
You can follow me on pintrest here.


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21 August 2011

fabric love

I scored some lovely fat quarters of vintage fabric from this shop a couple of weeks ago.
Aren't they gorgeous?

Any ideas on what to make?

20 August 2011


**this post will stay at the top of my blog until the giveaway is over.  Please scroll down for newer posts**

I wanted to a have a little giveaway for all of you lovely people who read my blog :)  I seriously appreciate your readership so much and I LOVE when I can do a little something to thank you all!  
Sonofasailor is one of the cutest etsy shops!  I am absolutely in love with their bracelets and necklaces.  I plan on purchasing one for myself next month with my allowance so I thought why not purchase one for a giveaway too!
Here are some of my favorites:

so beautiful and original and unique right?
The winner will be able to chose any bracelet of their liking from their shop for their prize :)

To enter in the giveaway all you need to do is 
** leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite name's for a girl and a boy.
** You can also have another entry by tweeting about the giveaway too!! 
(my twitter name is @janelrws)

I will choose a winner next Saturday August 27 :)

Alright, enter NOW!

19 August 2011

oh boy

First off, our home study went really well.
In fact, it was pretty amazing.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers and good thoughts :)
Our next one is next Wednesday and I am pretty sure that it's our final meeting.

One thing that we have known, is that there is actually a chance that we will get chosen for a little boy instead of a little girl. If a birth mother chooses us, and she is having a boy, you can bet your bottom dollar that we will say yes.  
We want a baby!

You have seen our girl plan, obviously, but I decided to get my head wrapped around a little boy.  I have been searching for inspiration and this is what we have planned if it's a boy...

banner, pillow, globe


So yeah, lots of cute stuff in the boy department too!
We know that God knows the desire of our hearts.
As I said before, we want a baby.