15 January 2010

An easy way to help Haiti!

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My dad emailed this to me today :) It's not a scam or anything as he is an AT&T employee.
Here is a quick and easy way to help out Haiti (from what I understand, it will show on your cell bill):

Wireless customers of AT&T can send $10 donations to the Red Cross International Relief Fund by typing the word HAITI and sending it to 90999 via text message from their mobile device. Standard text messaging rates may apply. Note: These donations should be made from your personal wireless devices only, not your company-provided device.

A confirmation message will arrive within a few minutes, to which the customer replies YES to finalize the donation. One-hundred percent of all money donated will be passed on to the Red Cross.

I have already done it myself :)


  1. Hey Janel! Just wanted to add that anyone can do this... not just AT&T customers. Some companies might charge you the additional 10 cents for the text and some don't... but at any rate, it is a great way to give a little. Just heard on tv that the Red Cross has already raised 5 million dollars just by texts alone. How cool is that!

  2. We have already donated to the red cross but I think its great you are getting the word out.


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