15 January 2010

Blog Feature: Angela

1. Hello! I'm Angela. I am 25 years old and i work at a Pharmacy in small town Pittsburg KS. I live alone in a world of disaster. I have a habit of collecting things and then having no where to put all of it. Its a disorganized life and I live it well. You can visit my blog here!

2. Currenting I'm really into crochet and making wreaths. I've been browsing flickr and I have got so many creative ideas. LOVE IT!

3. Obsessions of late have to be anything related to yarn. I am totally in love with anything vintage, whether it be home decor or fashion. I have a talent for finding the best stuff for cheap.

4. A crafty goal for 2010? hmmm. I have a lot of different projects that I'm currently working on but I will have to say perfecting my journaling skills and really get into painting. I love the texture of paint and the smells.

5. I want you to read my blog because it taps into a little part of my life that people don't know. I don't have a lot of crafty friends that are in my everyday life and so those that read my blog really see that side of me and I want others to enjoy it. I'm not the best blogger (only started it about 4-6 months ago) but I'm really trying to be better and the more followers I have maybe the better I will be at blogging.

6. My Top 5 favorite Blogs:

Thanks so much!
xoxox Angela


  1. I am loving all these blog features.

    Janel--check out what i did for the words--run with scissors--:)

  2. can you email me your address so i can send you the necklace? i can't find any place for your email--sorry!


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