17 January 2010

Blog Feature: Michelle

1. Tell us about yourself!

my name is Michelle Johnston, but most folks call me MJ :] i am 24 years young and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am the Operations Manager for Raising Cane's, a restaurant that started locally, but is now nationwide :]. i have been with them for almost 7 years and love it more and more every day!

2. What kind of crafts (or other hobbies) are you into right now?

let's see...i dabble in a bit of everything, but my favorites are painting and fabric art. :]

3. What are some of your current obsessions?

eesh...music is *always* an obsession for me. i also collect owls and scarves, and i'm pretty much obsessed with plaid :] oh, and anthropologie catalogs :]

4. What is one of your crafty goals (or other goals) for 2010?

i have a list of goals for 2010 that i will be posting as a mini album soon on my blog, but my three favorite goals from that list that are already in the works for being fufilled are 1. traveling someplace cold (going to see LA in canada!) 2. going to at least 5 concerts (getting tickets this weekend to see spoon in new orleans in march!) 3. getting fit and healthy (i haven't missed a day of exercise since the new year, and i've already lost 7 pounds! :] )

5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?

my blog is really me on paper, so to speak. it's a place where i share things that i find inspiring, things that motivate me and things that are going on in my life. it's definitely a personal blog, but without being too heavy. i have always been an upbeat and positive glass half full kind of gal, and it definitely shows through every post. by reading my blog, you will find regular doses of fashion tips, creative inspiration, funny jokes, cool giveaways, crafty goodness and other fun things to read. it makes me blush almost to see that people enjoy reading about the things that make me happy :] and i enjoy sharing them as well! one of my blogging goals for 2010 is to start adding to my "blogging schedule", if you will. i recently added "meet me on monday", a weekly post highlighting a blogger that i find inspiring and i'm looking into adding a weekly recipe post soon (with a little something extra) :]

6. Name your 5 favorite blogs!

Leigh Ann

ps, i'm doing a giveaway that ends on friday! :] check it out HERE!!


  1. Love your answers, MJ!!!! Can't wait to see you sooooooon!!!!! Love this girl!!! xo

  2. do you know the exact web address or a way i can find it cause i really want to check it out.


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