09 January 2010

Holy Peace!

I'm going to do the give-a-way tonight at about 10:00pm cst :) Until then, you still have time to submit a peace picture.
I was away from my computer since yesterday morning, and I was soooo excited to see all of the emails that I had in my inbox, full of pictures!!
You all are soooo cute and so creative :D

Peace is everywhere, I have definitely learned that through this little challenge. There was tons of peace spread this week and I am so proud to have been a little part of it :)
I love it.
So, now get ready to experience peace from...

lots and lots from Cat :)

from one of my FAVORITE friends, Bagel :)

from Margot...

my sister, Nicole...

from Amber...

more love from Laura...

from Elaine...

(this one is currently the wall paper on my cellphone :D)
from jari and her cutie girls!...

from amanda...

and finally, some peace from Ashley...

So remember, please check back tonight for the winner of my peace give-a-way :)
You all are so amazing!
I loooove you <3


  1. wow you got so many pics! I see my sis!! so cute!! Can't wait to see the winner!!

  2. This was sooo fun! I kinda got carried away with my peace pics, I just loved doing it! :)

    I love everyone's creativity!!



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