17 January 2010

Blog Feature: Laura

1. Tell us about yourself!

Hi Everyone! My name is Laura and you can find me on my blog www.lauraplopez.blogspot.com or on twitter www.twitter.com/lauralilyan. I'm 26 years old and I have the most amazing 6 yr old daughter in the world :) I'm currently unemployed, but it's given me so much time with my daughter. I'm a class parent, PTA board member, Girl Scout troop leader, and I coach all the teams she's on :) so I stay busy.

2. What kind of crafts (or other hobbies) are you into right now?

I love scrapbooking, but I have been trying everything. I love to make tote bags, hair accessories, paint, draw (but I'm not good lol), crochet (I just learned), collage, make cards... I also want to learn to use a letterpress, knit, decorate cakes, take a photography class... I want to learn everything :)

3. What are some of your current obsessions?

Right now I'm obsessed with weddings since I just got engaged :) I'm also obsessing on getting my etsy store back into working order. I'm also obsessed with getting organized... in life, home, craft room etc.

4. What is one of your crafty goals (or other goals) for 2010?

One of my goals is to get healthy in 2010, last summer I was weighing 200 lbs and so far I've lost 38 lbs, my goal is to lose another 30 to 40 lbs since I'm only 5'3". I want to be healthy and comfortable with myself. It will also be fun to go shopping again since it's upsetting when nothing fits you right lol.

Another one of my goals is to share more on my blog. Last year I was scared of what people would think and i was too judgmental of my own crafts. This year I want to share everything and if people don't like it, I won't let it affect me. everyone is entitled to their opinion :)

5. What makes your blog special and why should we read it?

Well I've recently started a blogging schedule to make sure that i blog more often. I will be sharing all parts of my life from wedding planning to losing weight. Having support of bloggy friends would be amazing :)
I also have an awesome giveaway on my blog so make sure you go check it out.

6. Name your 5 favorite blogs! (with the links so I can link them)


And I love so many more I have over 200 subscriptions in my reader.

Thanks so much Janel for giving all of us the opportunity to get to know so many crafty people :) You're amazing!!!


  1. Laura is so sweet!! Thanks for listing my blog as one of your favs Laura :) Love Love :)
    P.S. I already entered your awesome giveaway!!

  2. She forgot to mention how much of a sweetheart she is!

  3. Looove her!!! She's so awesome!!!

  4. hi laura! i love your interview. thanks again for offering to help me with operation granny square. :)


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