30 April 2009

Work in Progress

Since I really can't stand sick days (taking off work because I am sick) and I get soooooo bored, I started working on "My Favorite Things" Book. I used Elsie's kit from the RVA shop and here is what I have as of now. It still has many more pages to go and a lot more embellishments to be added on the existing pages :)

So far so good :) Today is unfortunately ANOTHER sick day :( I am sure I will get more done today and I will share pics as soon as I do!
Thank you all for all of the inspiration that you are always sending my way!
Love it!

29 April 2009


The RVA craft weekend is sooooo close that I can taste it! Which is weird because I am sick and I can't taste anything :) I am really getting sick of this sinus thing. I am on my second round of anti-biotics and on my way to feeling a lot better!! So yes, this weekend, you can find me here!

And speaking of there, I totally think that I am going to need this loveliness:

She is seriously so inspiring and amazing and lovely :) She switches things up like nobodies business. I am very excited about this weekend needless to say. I get to meet some of my very favorite blogging friends from my online class and I am just ecstatic over it :)
Tonight I am working on "My Favorite Things" book from Elsie's kit. I am loving it. It is looking really good so far but I have no good pictures of myself to put into it. I promise I will take some pics of it as soon as I am not feeling to lazy to get off this couch and get my camera :)
I also want to do a vlog like all of my Pretty girls are doing. I don't have a video camera but my mac has a built in camera. Is there a way that I can video tape myself with that?? Let me know and then I can hook all of you up with a vlog via ME!
Ok, goodnight lovies!

27 April 2009

Crazy Eights

I was tagged by the lovely Miss Kimi to do this post, all about the 8's. Here it goes!!
8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
* RVA Craft weekend
* Summer vacation
* feeling better
* Meeting blog friends this weekend
* America's Next Top Model
* Moving some day
* being tan
* my parents getting their own puppy
8 Things I Did Yesterday:
* ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel
* celebrated an engagement!
* cleaned out my closet
* wrote more thank you notes
* completed my registries with all my gift cards
* got allergies!
* cleaned my craft room
* embroidered
8 Things I Wish I Could do:

* Motivate myself more
* crochet
* speak spanish
* afford to take more mission trips
* relax
* double dutch
* wiggle my ears
* french knots (I try and I just don't get it)
8 Shows I Watch:
* The Office
* Project Runway (when it's on)
* America's Next Top Model
* Split Ends
* The Hills
* The Real Housewives
* Anything on Disney Channel that is not a cartoon
* Saved by the Bell
8 Favorite Fruits:
* Oranges
* Bananas
* Strawberries
* Blackberries
* Blueberries
* Raspnerries
* Bing Cherries
* Kiwi
8 Places I’d Like to Travel To:
* New Zealand
* Ephesus, Turkey
* Uganda Africa
* Scottland
* Guatemala
* Greece
* Thailand
* New York
8 Places I’ve Lived:
* my home growing up in St. Louis
* my home now in St. Louis, MO
* 211 Sibley-LU in St. Charles, MO
* Shawnee, Kansas-for a summer
(that is it!)
Okay friends, that is it for the tag :) It was kind of hard coming up with Eight television shows but I do randomly watch all of those. Also, I haven't lived many places yet but I know that that list will get longer sooner or later!!
Feel free to do the tag and link it in my comments so I can check it out!!

Monday Inspirations...

Happy Monday! I am very happy to share with you all today, a really inspiring blog named Daydream Lily.
Oddly enough, she just posted about a "blog crush" that she had. Well...I totally 100% have the biggest "blog crush" on her blog!!

You have to go check out this blog. You could literally just scroll through the blog posts and look at the pictures and become immersed in all of the loveliness but the words are really good too <3 Here are some of my most recent favorite pictures that have inspired me lately from Daydream Lily (all of the photo credits can be found on her blog).

Aren't you so in love right now?? I definitely need the cupcake poster, and the Vans, and a tree that grows umbrellas :D
And, here is a little Janel inspiration...the picture is not the best because it is from PhotoBooth but I did a little bit of embroidery last night. Here is what I have go so far:

I was tired...lol.
Okay everyone, have a great Monday and reflect on all of the blessings that are being bestowed on you everyday. Talk about inspiration!!
loves <3

26 April 2009

New Etsy goodies and Winner <3

Hey lovelies!!
I just finished a weekend of creating some really cool multi-media necklaces for the Etsy shop!! I am really excited about these pieces because they encompass a lot of my favorite things!! I especially like that you take something eveyday-ish, like a domino, and then turn it into a mini-piece of art on a necklace!! I love them!!
Here is a little peek :)

My favorite one is the "Scrap girl" one. It is so cute and has a lot of cool details!! Please hop on over to the shop and check them out!!!
I also made this cutie-pie little painting for Nicole to celebrate her engagement day:

Soooo cute!!
Okay, and now for the give-a-way winner..........I didn't have any pictures of Adam drawing out the name because my camera died but it was cute, promisecakes!
It is also funny because Adam will never let me draw diamonds on anything because he thinks that I am stealing her style because of ONE journal page she did (he's toooooo funny!) so............
Congratulations to the very LOVELY HollySarah!!
Now remember Miss Holly, your part of this deal is that you now have to have a give-a-way on your blog!!
and I get to win it :) j/k but I will be entering it because you are awesome so I am sure the give-a-way will be just as cool too!!

25 April 2009


Ahhhhh!! I am beyond excited right now :) My beautiful, lovely, amazing, fantastic, wonderful (and every other word that is good) sister, Nicole got ENGAGED TODAY!!

Her and her awesome boy have been dating awhile and I am sooooo excited that he is going to be my brother now :) Yay Matt!! Man, I am soooo happy for her and for him and for them and for their exciting new life together:)

Can't stop smiling :) Now, I have to run and wake up Adam so I can tell him! Is it bad that I told the blog world this before I told my husband :) haha!

23 April 2009

Did somebody call for a GIVE-A-WAY!!

Oh yes, I am loving give-a-ways these days :) I NEVER win them but I love having them. I feel like poor Adam has made 1,000 trips to the post office for me this week to send packages. I mean seriously, there is nothing better than recieving a package :) So, here is the fun give-a-way. It is two-fold :)
1. You must be a "follower" of this blog. Like, I need to see your name over there on the side-bar saying that you are a follower...deal? Not just a google reader, a follower.
2. Part two, if you win the give-a-way, you need to have a give-a-way yourself :) It could be something sooooo simple, but I am in the mood to pay it forward :)
Your prize, a "run with scissors" canvas tote to carry around town full of crafts, groceries, diapers, whatever. The canvas tote will be full of goodies too!! Extra goodies include a copy of my two favorite magazines: Ready Made and DIY, some sweet stuff, and more!!!

This give-a-way is for all :) I will definitely ship overseas...not a problem :) Ok, I will announce the winner Sunday afternoon, so start the commenting my friends. Leave a comment, be a follower, yay!!
Speaking of yay, how cute is Adam?

so fun!! (Chalkboard speech bubble, here.)
Happy Thursdays to all...it's almost the weekend and I am having a garage sale! I love garage sales :)

22 April 2009

Happy Earth Day <3

Earth Day is one of my very favorite holidays to be honest. I love how excited my students get sharing their ideas on how to "Be Green!" Honestly, any day, set aside to make us more aware of how to keep this precious gift we call Earth healthy, then it is a good day to me :) I did so many cool Recycled Art projects today with my kiddos and I definitely should have taken pics :) Sorry! Here is a cool mosaic that I found on Flickr that reminded me how beautiful our planet is and why it is soooo worth protecting :)

I also pulled these off of a blog (that I lost track of two seconds later so I don't have a link to reference it!) How amazing are these tulip fields??

I mean if that is not a work of art and a reason to celebrate Earth's beauty, than I don't know what is!
One last exciting thing. I saw this when I clicked on Elsie's blog this morning :)

How cute!!! That is a letter from three of my most favorite students who absolutely loooooove Elsie :) I printed that page out for them and they were absolutely dying over it. Soooo precious :) Speaking of Elsie, I can not wait for the RVA craft weekend which is NEXT stinkin weekend!!! Can not wait!!
Okay lovelies, I am watching America's Next Top Model, so I need to focus :)
Have a great Earth Day!

21 April 2009

Some reception pics

Yay! I just recieved a disk of pictures taken from one of my mom's friends at the reception!! There are so many good ones but I thought that I would share just a few with all of you. 
Adam and I's sweetheart table....We didn't want to have a huge head table, just something small and intimate for us only!  That is also my boquet for the boquet toss that we made.  I was going to make origami flowers but...ran out if time!
Our lovely cake!!  Not only was it great looking, it was soooo great tasting as well.  The cake served almost 200 and we had about 120 people there and the cake was still all gone by the end of the night!!
One of the center piece designs that I came up with.  White sand, sea glass, branches spray painted with red and texture to look like coral :)

The cutie pie guest book that I made.  Again, I wanted something more personal so I put this book together with multiple sized and shaped envelopes with multiple sized and shaped notecards that people filled out and placed in an envelope.  It was a hit and I absolutely looooved reading all of the sweet notes.
The favor boxes that doubled as place settings :)  Our wedding favor was a map of Cozumel turned into a magnet that I had designed and purchased from Etsy.  They were adorable and perfect and everyone can use a magnet right?
The Mr and Mrs. 
Me and my lovely girlfriends, "The Cha-Chas."  My favorite group of girls EVER!
Rachel, Faith, Mom M., Mom B., and Dad M.

Zac, Devan (who by the way, is a total keeper Nick!) and Nick
Photo booth fun with Faith and Nicole!
More fun in the photo booth!  Best wedding reception decision ever :)
First Dance..."A Twist in My Story" by Secondhand Serenade.
Dancing with my dad <3>
The bouquet toss.  I totally threw with more gusto than I thought that I had and it flew by Nicole :(  Sorry Nini.  But my lovely friend Kim caught it!!
Kim with the boquet and Matt caught the garter!
Yay!  Great times were had by all and it is always fun to be able to look back at pictures and remember it!!  Thank you Cindy for the pictures, what a special treat!!  Now I am going to have to get motivated enough to do some sort of scrapbook with my three months of marriage pictures!!  So because of the fact that this wedding has literally lasted 3 months and we still have our Massachusetts Reception in July, my dad has limited my sister to a one day wedding :)  Too funny!  It was definitely fun while it lasted but I am VERY glad to finally have some down time, with my husband, to enjoy just being married :)
I hope all of you had a fabulous Tuesday night and day.  Nighty night friends!!