16 January 2010

Blog Feature: Amanda

1. My name is Amanda and I am at the ripe old age of 29... quickly approaching 30. Can't wait! I moved to Colorado a few months ago and I am loving it here. By day, I play with kids and make snacks... I work part time as a nanny and household manager and I love my job. And with the other part of my day I am a crafter and artist... making cute things and selling them on Etsy. I am so blessed to have this life and I try to make the most of every day.

2. At the moment I am constantly daydreaming about having a sewing machine and making cute dresses and skirts! But I've also been painting a lot lately and it has been such an adventure to see what ends up on the blank canvas.

3. Right now I am totally smitten with French and Japanese fashion magazines. I also have an utter fascination with home decorating and design. Oh... and I love my new brown boots, sparkly white snowy fluff and Peet's coffee.

4. One of my major crafty goals is to learn how to do letterpress... preferably at The Arm in New York City. I want to go to there. (30 Rock, anyone?)

5. My blog is just one of many crafty blogs out there... but I put my heart into everything I do and that's what makes it special. I try to find humor in everyday things and boy oh boy do I love my readers. I plan on having a giveaway every month in 2010 and sharing lots of artistic inspiration in this fun new year. I write about music, art, design and my own crazy life.

6. Oh dear... just five favorite blogs? Apartment Therapy , I Just Might Explode , Design for Mankind , Where the Lovely Things Are , and Grain Edit.

Thank you guys so so much for reading through my blog feature hosted by the lovely Janel! I am going to have a super special just-for-this-occasion giveaway on my blog... and these are some of the goodies you will receive! A sweet little bundle of specialty felt from my favorite craft shop here in Denver, a mini-vase with a felted wool cozy made by me, a blank mini-scrapbook album by three gypsies, some cute doilies and a grab bag of fun scrapbooking supplies.

To be entered for this fun giveaway please head on over to my blog at www.aprettysimplelife.blogspot.com and find a post that you love... or one that you find inspiring or interesting. I am notified by email of all new comments so I will write the names down and draw them out of a hat on Sunday night! I will also enter you a second time if you "follow" me!! Make sure to give me a name and email address, please! Good luck and happy hunting!


  1. I have a few of Amanda's things and CONSTANTLY get compliments on them! She's good for my ego...

  2. Just checked her out - pretty amazing! :D

    Thanks for all these features, Janel! I'm loving reading all of them! lol

    xo Ash


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