15 January 2010

3 winners + 1 slacker = tonight

I didn't get my project finished AGAIN!
It's been one of those days I guess :)
Promises that it will be here tomorrow!
Until then, read all of the great blog posts below from our guest bloggers :)
Go and enter Margot's giveaway :) Im going to go ahead and let her pick the winner tomorrow!!

Until then, here are the winners for our other giveaways so far!
For Jacqueline's cute brooch and headband :

I used random.org

which if you skip over duplicate entries, my comment and Jacquelines....you get Laura!!
Laura is also going to be one of our featured bloggers this week too!!
Laura, email me your address and I will send it to Jacqueline so she can send out your lovely gifts!!!!

and now for Suzanne's giveaway:
a $15 gift certificate to her lovely shop!!!

again I used random.org

so the winner for Suzanne's giveaway is Nicole K/GothamGal !!!
Nicole email me or comment with your email address so that I can get your info to Suzanne!!!

And last but NOT least :) Jamie's giveaway!! a customed embroidery piece just for YOU

and you guessed it,,,random.org again:

so... Amy Lapi!!!
It's all you girl!!
Amy, send me your info and I will get it to Jamie!!
I think that you should leave a comment here and tell us all what you are going to have your embroidery piece say.
Ok, awesome!! I love giveaways!! There are more to come too!! Plus more blog features :)
Please leave some congratulatory love for all of the winners tonight!!
love all of you


  1. Congrats to all the lucky ladies!!

  2. Congrats to you lucky ladies!!! You won some awesome stuff!!! Can't wait for my blog features Janel!! Love you!

  3. Congrats to everyone that won!

    I am loving all the blog features!

    have a great weekend!


  4. dear friends.

    i came home last night very late + very sad. i had a really bad emotional night and was bawling my eyes out ( i am not a cryer). when i saw this post, i looked and i was like pah i never win anything! but how i sure want one of jamie's embroidered pieces (i bought one in her shop a few weeks ago and it's SO beautiful.)

    so i guess what i'm trying to say is thank you.

  5. Woo hoo I can't believe I won ;) I can't wait to get it... Yippee

    i text you my address


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