31 July 2009


(I can't find my Friday postcard)!!!
Today is my sister in law, Faith's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Faith. We were able to be "there" with Skype through the party which was soooo awesome. Here are some screen shots that I captured during the birthday party :)

** I just wanted to say a quick thank you those of you who purchased the pin-cushion rings from my Etsy :) You have no idea how much it means to Me and Adam and really, how much it helps. I really appreciate it!!! There are definitely more rings available so if you still wanted to get one, please do :)
*Also, don't forget about the give-a-way (a few posts down) that ends on Sunday morning!!!
** Oh and, I made a quilt today for my nephew. It is soooo stinking cute and I loooove it!! (I'll post pics tomorrow). I hope he loves it too! This may be a silly question but if he is Adam's nephew, he's my nephew too right?? Not my nephew in law. Right?
Ok, I am off to an early bed time. I am soooo tired and I have lots of garage sales to hit tomorrow and a bridal shower to plan! Night loves!
Happy Weekend.

30 July 2009

shameless plugging

Oh yeah!
As I have recently posted, we are poor...pretty stinking poor at this moment. It is definitely hard with Adam not working and his new job doesn't start until September and that is just about the time that I get paid again...nice!
I do want to say though, this summer, with both of us not working, has been the biggest blessing ever and by far, the best summer ever. I am not complaining. BUT, there are bills that need to be paid. Let's face it :)
I decided to make some of my most favorite accesories to share with all of you in an effort to make some extra money!!

This is a pin-cushion ring. I seriously made it because I am the queen of losing my pins and needles when I craft. Not only is the ring functional, it is soooo fashionable too. I seriously wear them everywhere, and I get compliments. I have them in tons of colors for myself. I decided to create some of these for my Etsy shop to try and make some money :)
This ring is perfect for the:
* fashionista
* quilter
* embroiderer
* cross-stitcher
* clothes maker
* sewer
* scrapbooker
* art journaler
* and the cool crafty person!
Trust me, I wouldn't plug, if I didn't need to :)
Here is the link to my Etsy. I am also going to send two rolls of deco tape with each purchase made so be expecting some other little extras too. I really appreciate you checking it out!!

29 July 2009


Today is going to be a wish list day!! It seems like when you have NO money at all, you find sooooo many beautiful things that you want! Not fair. Here we go!!
This headband is soooooo lovely :)

Two pairs of TOMS are catching my eye ;)
* Make Art Not War (hello!! my favorite T-shirt saying on a shoe!!!)

* "Be The Change..." My all time favorite quote by one of my heroes, Ghandi, on a shoe!!

I love this coloring book and these two inspirational journals: LOOOOOOVE them <3

My one last wish is that every single person who reads this blog will jump over to Jodie's Blog and vote for Jamie's family pic #6 to win!!!
They are soooo cute and they totally deserve to win!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you for listening to my wishes :) Those of you who guessed that Adam is getting a job on my last post, WERE RIGHT!! It isn't 100% yet but it's about 99%. He should be starting work with AT&T on September 8. Fingers crossed!! This will definitely take a lot of stress off both of our shoulders.
Happy Thursday to all of you!!!
P.S. I wish that all of you would also enter my give-a-way!!


Today I:
* continued to eat really healthy :)
* drove with Adam downtown so that he could get a drug test (Do you know what that means???)
The fact that he has never done any type of drug in his entire life is one of my favorite things about him :)
* Saw my beautiful arch

* Wore my Betsey Johnson sunglasses and my canvas TOMS (which I still need to embroider)

* Saw a bunch of these Pepsi billboards.

This is the only one that I got a picture of but I really like them because they say cute things like Fabulous, Sody Pop, Pop, Oh Boy Oh Boy...I just like them :)
* Had lunch at Applebees with my favorite work friend :)
* Went up to school to work on setting up my classroom (Can you believe it is that time again?)

* Got all of my mail packaged up to take to the post office:

FINALLY hung up this print from The Black Apple:

* Took a ride with the man and the pup:

(She looks sooooo funny here)!
Tonight I HOPE to:
* clean, clean, clean
* make some pin cushion rings
* relax
* plan some St. Louis Must-See activities for the rest of the week and weekend.
Don't forget to enter the give-a-way in the post below!!!
Goodnight loves! I am off to watch some recorded episodes of Cake Boss. Probably not the best show to watch while on a diet eh?? :)

28 July 2009

Crazy Quilt/Crazy Give-a-way

Remember these beauties that I got at the Brimfield Antique Show while in Massachusetts?:

These quilt blocks date all of the way back to the 1880's!!! Isn't that unreal? I literally keep looking at them and imaging their story. They are so beautifully made and detailed.
Here is some histroy about the 'crazy quilt:'
"During the height of the Victorian era, homes could not have enough embellishment. Women wholeheartedly threw themselves into decorating every inch of the floors, walls and furniture. The culture of the times was full of symbolism, poetry and romance. Crazy quilting allowed women to display their artistic abilities in needlework, oil painting, and arrangement of embellishments. Silks, silk velvets and chenille, and threads of every hue were used to incorporate names, dates, pictures, and a wide assortment of symbols.
Antique Crazy quilts are judged by design, graphics, level of embellishment and overall condition. We have antique quilts truly astonishing in their level of needlework and graphic impact, and as always, guaranteed to be the very highest quality. "


So, there are so many things that I could do with these squares. I have quite a few. I could definitely make a lap quilt...who knows? At the antique show one booth had one sqaure like this in a picture frame hanging up for $75!! I loved it but I thought that was way toooooooo much money to spend on something like that, especially because I can make my own now. So, I am going to find a really cheap antique-looking frame at a garage sale this weekend to frame one of the beauties for my house.
What do you think?

Here is where the give-a-way comes in....
I am going to give one very lucky blog follower one of my antique Crazy Quilt squares from the 1880's!!!

I think it would be soooo lovely framed, or made into a pillow, or anything else that you can think of :)
Want to win???
Here we go!
1. You have to be a "follower" of this blog. I am loyal to my readers :D
If you aren't yet a follower, you can easily become one!! Go over to the sidebar and click on the button:

2. Leave me a comment on this post telling me what kinds of things you would like to see on my blog in the future.
3. If you mention my give-a-way on your blog, leave me another comment and you will be entered twice!!!
I am sooo excited about this give-a-way!! You have until AUGUST 1!! I will draw a name on August 1 at about 10:00 pm cst!! Enter away my friends!!


Today I:
* finished all of the laundry from our trip
* wore my most favorite headband

* packaged up my felt bunny for The Toy Society

* FINALLY saw Harry Potter!! (and looooooved it)

* "Dropped" my toy at one of the art tables in the children's section of the library:

* Bought a couple of boxes to send some super special packages to good friends :)
Tonight I plan to:
* make up the packages to send
* clean the living room
* listen to the storm that is coming soon
* do something crafty
* work on my quilt
* relax
Tomorrow I have to go to school and work in my classroom. Are you insane? Summer is apparently almost over :( Thank goodness I love my job :)

27 July 2009

What a lovely Monday...

Today I:
* started my diet
* went Water Walking
* ate a soft pretzel
* went grocery shopping
* took Catalina to her yearly vet appointment for shots :(
* hung with my mom and my sister
* had lovely meals cooked by my even more lovely husband
* hung out with my sister again :) YAY!
* made a toy for my last post
* made an apron
* am watching Dating in the Dark (for real??)
* was overwhelemed by the beauty of the sky :)
Here are some cool things:
* The toy that I made to do a Toy Society drop:

It is a felt bunny hand puppet. She is soooo super cute and I really hope that it can make some little sweet heart's day when they find her!!
2. My journal that I made for Kara's journaling class that I am just now getting to start on :)

3. Happy Mail full of deco tape!!

4. Another very special present in the mail from JAMIE!!:

BTW, when you blogged about this Jamie, I was praying that it was for me!!
5. Cuuuuute buttons that I got from Leigh Ann:

(Margot-a just kidding button is coming to you!)
6. The apron that my sister helped me to make tonight:

7. And finally, my log-cabin quilt block! This is what all of the squares look like:

Alright friends, that its it for this Monday blog post!!