16 January 2010

hot date!

Our washing machine has been broken for about a week. Not too mention, the door is locked with our towels in their and FULL of water....nice!
So, tonight Adam and I planned a little date to Duds n' Suds :)

This place was so cute. There were couches, a TV, video games, and a little bar too.
We got Subway, read magazines, read the comics, watched the football game and did laundry :)
It was super cute and fun!
In other news, today while I was cleaning, look what I found under my huge pile of fabric scraps...

a chihuahua. She was sleeping amidst all of the scraps and it was soooo cute!!
* AND tomorrow is my sister's birthday!!

she's my favorite <3
and she shares a weekend with my other favorite...

Ok, goodnights for now!
I love you all so much :)


  1. my dog likes to sleep on anything fabric too... clothes, towels... anything. :)

  2. New to your blog, but I just wanted to tell you how CUTE a laundromat date is. Totally city, ya know?

  3. I've had that happen to me before, in the middle of the week, when my son needed his school clothes washed for the next day. It sucs!

    Your "hot date" sounds awesome and lots of fun. Love the pics.

    Happy Birthday to your Sister.

  4. wait so there was a random chihuahua in your house? LOL! and that hot date sounds so cute! xo

  5. oh duds n suds sounds like a much nicer launderette than my local one. I first used mine for exactly the same reason! the clothes got stuck inside the machine with loads of water for sooo long. when they finally came out the smell was not very nice at all :-(

  6. How cute! Oh, laundromats...last time I had to use one, there was a group of boys skateboarding all over it and when one of them bent over to grab his skateboard he exposed his NEON PINK THONG!! Yes, a thong!
    I get a hot day date Monday for my Birthday!! Have a great day!

  7. what a cute little date!

  8. Now why couldn't our laundromat look like that and sound so fun. We did the laundromat for 3 yrs and believe me how you described it--not so much here.

    Your little dog looks so cute.

    good luck on your washer!

  9. haha your puppers is too cute!! Happy Bithday to your sister!!
    P.S. we should have a countdown to March!!!

  10. Fun!!! You two are so cute!
    Happy Birthday to Nicole!!!!

  11. thank you for you sweet comment janel :)

    if our laundry mat had all of that i might actually dig going, ours sucks so bad, one hard wood counrty bench, no color, just ugly old machines, and usually full of grumpy people.


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