31 December 2010


(I get red tinsel threaded into my hair while in Vegas :D perfect for New Years)

I hope that everyone has had such a wonderful 2010. 
There have been so many exciting things happening this year!
I believe that 2011 is going to be so much better and full of so many blessings for all!
I love you so much!
I'll be back tomorrow with my resolutions and a little Vegas recap too :)

Have a fun and safe night tonight!
Happy New Year's Eve!!

Class Starts tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the first day of my newest online journal class!!

I have had many emails from you all asking for me to open up some more spots for this class and after I added some more ... I have 5 more spots available in my shop now :)

My resolution for 2011, is to journal daily so that I can leave a legacy behind for my children some day to look back on.

So, here is the deal:  

Join us for a 30 Day journal challenge jam packed with creative prompts, techniques, giveaways, chats, and of course an amazing community of online friends :)

This class will start January 1 and continue on until January 31.

 There will be a new prompt/challenge each day. These prompts will focus us on a new year, new season, and new chapters of your lovely lifes. I'm so excited!!

Once you purchase your class spot, the class login information will be emailed to you within 72 hours. 
This class will be hosted on a private blog.

Would you like a peek into some of my past journals??  Click here!

Here are some sweet testimonials you can read from past classmates :)

"I look forward to each prompt like Christmas morning!"
I love you Janel !!
xoxox cuppy

"I was eager to check the class page each morning, wondering what today's prompt would bring.  They all made me think throughout the day.  I loved coming home and getting all those thoughts onto paper. Thanks Janel."

"This was a great class, and I'm so glad I decided to take it.  And I love knowing that I got to do something I enjoy and got to help bring Pita home at the same time."

"The best way to get to know your inner artist, I have learned so much about myself in this class!"

 "Ive never done an online class before but after taking yours, I will do more in the future.  I loved it! No pressure to get it done by a certain time, that it'll be judged etc - just a class to express yourself and challenge your creativity."

"This was a great experience and I loved how interactive it was with both classmates and students. The journal topics were fresh and insightful (along with inspirational) I feel like I learned a lot and I can't wait for you to do another similar class Janel!!!"

 "janel is an art teacher by profession with an artistic soul and heart. she is encouraging and inspiring without being critical. taking one of her classes is an affordable way to do something positive for someone else and yourself. there is no wrong way to express your art. simply by beginning you may start to think or see things in a new way, and or push yourself further artistically. meeting and interacting with new friends you many never have known before the class is also a fun bonus"

 "I found it very therapeutic to journal each day, it challenged my creativity and it was nice being able to share and look at what other students had done through the flickr group. My classmates were so encouraging and the prompts were relevant and helpful to personal growth. Thank-you! xo"

"I really enjoyed Janel's Journal Class. Not only was this a fun class for me and for others, but it was for a good cause. I am happy I was able to play a small part into getting Pita home to Janel and Adam. I got a little behind in the class, but I feel as if the class is just extended for me :) I made new friends in the chats and got to reconnect with old ones."   -Lindsay

As most of you know, my husband and I are planning on adopting a child in the next year or two. This is obviously a crazy process and a crazy EXPENSIVE process at that. These classes have been a great way to help us with our adoption and have an amazing time with amazing people, doing something we love all at the same time.

I really hope that you will join me in journaling my way through the New Year :) 
Another way to help is just by spreading the word!!

Run With Scissors

Again, I love these classes and I cherish all of the friendships that I have made through them.
Will I see you there?
I hope so.

 grab your spot HERE before they are gone!!


27 December 2010


Hello friends!! I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged!
It cost 15$ a day to use internet here at the Bellagio which means that I won't be blogging from here...sorry :(
For some fluke accident Im getting it free right now (or so I think it's free).
Anyway, we are having such a great time in Vegas..

It is very beautiful.
I love spending a fun girls week with my momma girl and my sister.
I love them so much.
Everything is beautiful here and over the top.
There is a patisserie in our hotel that has nutella flavored everything, crepes, and macaroons so needless to say, I'm a happy girl.

I have not been good at all about taking pictures but I promise to take more.
I also promise to blog so much when I get back.
Maybe even more while I am here (if it's really free).
I got to see Jenny today and it was heaven :)
My mom and sister love her as much as I do.

Ok, we are off to LaReve....excited!


25 December 2010

Merrry Christmas!!

I just wanted to pop in to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!
I hope that all of you are having a blessed holiday season!
We have been having such a great time over here.
My husband was way too good to me this year :)
I had an amazing "Cha-Cha" Christmas with all of my college girlfriends.
An amazing Christmas Eve making leather journals with my sister and dad.
A super fun Advent Scavenger hunt this morning that led me to so many adorable stocking stuffers and...
I never got a wedding band before because my engagement ring was so bling-a-licous by itself.
But Adam surprised me with these...
Well, not the actual ring yet because we have to make our fingerprints in plaster and all of that fun stuff and then send them back to be made but....sigh....he's the best.

Tomorrow morning super early, I leave for Vegas.  I hate flying, for no reason other than I hate the way my head feels during take-off. If you are a prayer, if you could send some prayers my way for a peaceful flight with no anxieties...that would be great.

I love you all so very much!!
Merry Christmas!!


22 December 2010

To-Do This Week!

(me at age 2; too cute not to share)

Things To-Do This Week:
1.  find Nicole's present!! (no where to be found :( at least I made her another awesome gift too!)
2.  make a list for Vegas
3.  pack for Vegas
4.  charge up all electronics (phone, laptop, camera)
5.  do all of the laundry
6.  clean studio space
7.  find my W-2's from 2009 (not going to happen)
8.  get my license plates renewed FINALLY(not going to happen)
9.  get stocking stuff for Adam
10.  make Catalina's present
11.  wrap ornament for Cha-Cha party
12.  search for college pics to take to Cha-Cha party
13.  take Christmas cards up to church
14.  mani/pedi

I think that's it :)  This may be last post for a couple of days while I try to get all of this done :)  I will definitely be back before Christmas though!!
I love you!

a modern day/digital nativity

This is really cute!

Uploaded by ExcentricPT. - Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms.


21 December 2010

December Daily...

Here are a few more pages of my December Daily Journal :)  What I haven't shown are the pages in the back that I am filling with all of the lovely Christmas cards we have gotton from people.  I love that I have a special place for all of these cards to go this year!

December 17

(I had to blur out some of Adam's pressies that he doesn't know about yet :D)

December 18

December 19

December 20

Someone had asked in a previous post, what type of pen I used in this journal.  I am using my all time favorite go to journaling pen which is the Papermate Flair felt tipped pen in black.  Always always :)
Tomorrow is my last day of work until January 3!!

Also, don't forget to check out my newest online journal class!!  The spots are quickly (very quickly) filling up :)


20 December 2010

viva Las Vegas...

On December 26, my mom, my sister, and I are heading to VEGAS!!
This is a special little gift to my sister and I from my mom :)
A nice little girl's week.

(All pics found here)

Vegas is one place that I have never been to before.
What are some must see things to see and do??
I am really excited.
My bestie Jenny is also going to be there!!! 
I can't wait to see her.


A mili..

Hello Friends!
Here are five new things I wish I had " a mili" for :)
In fact, these would be the real things that I would do with my mili.

1.  First I would sponsor thousands of children all over the world...

2.  I would also adopt five children of our own :)

3.  I would buy a house.
(It wouldn't be this cool though probably :D)

4.  I would purchase an art studio for my sister and I run

5.  I would buy a hybrid SUV

"Some people say I'm a dreamer....
Well I'm not the only one..."


18 December 2010

Holiday Cuteness.

I thought I would do a little highlight post of some seriously adorable holiday things.

Here are 5 Cute Holiday themed things that are making me happy right now :)

1.  These amazing stockings made from vintage fabrics.

2.  My new most favorite weekly blog feature is the "Wrap it Up Wednesday" posts by Cakies.
I love her blog and her cute family and her amazing present wrapping posts make me swoon.

3.  Tif's beautiful holiday fireplace display...

4. Giant Dwarf's Starlette garland and ornaments...

5.  And last but not least...this adorable Resolution Reminder bracelet!  What a great idea!

I mean seriously guys...7 more days until Christmas.
Which also means...8 more days until my trip to Vegas :)  I've never been before!  Have you?