31 March 2010

nautical loves

It's no secret that I am obsessed with pretty much anything nautical :)
Im not sure what it is.
I think it's pretty magical.
The creatures.
The sea.
The pirates.
The treasure.
The mystery.
I love it all.
Here is a little nautical inspiration for all of you as well. All images are found via weheartit.

Tonight, I am doing a nautical themed painting :) I will be sure to share it with you all as soon as it's done!
Sail away with me? deal?
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30 March 2010


Is it so nerdy how much I love sharing my goals and accomplishments with you? It really really helps with my accountability!
So here were my goals for March and the bold ones are the goals that I accomplished!

(image source)
March Goals:
* finish bathroom makeover
* plan my birthday party
* take care of Adam after his heart surgery
* continue my "40 days of Blessings"
* paint 3 paintings

* embroider and do a painting for Jamie (In the process)
* make something orange for Jamie (sorry Jamie :()
* participate in Happy Mail:)

Oh my goodness! I accomplished all but one! In my defense, March was a little crazy for me :)
Ok, on to April!! I have had these written since almost the begininning of March!

(image source)
April Goals:
1. Finish writing my 30 before 31 list
2. sell five items in my etsy shop.
3. reach 550 blog followers
4. start taking walks with Adam and Cat
5. make a quilt for Spring
6. Read one book :)

March has gone by sooooo fast and it is 100% spring here in St. Louis! I need to get busy on my 30 before 31 list because I have to have it done by next Monday!! I only have 22 things so far and I am having a hard time coming up with some more ideas :) Any suggestions??
Don't forget to enter the giveaway in the post below!!

29 March 2010


I can't believe it is time for another Giveaway!!
This giveaway is very specail because we are celebrating 500 followers for Run With Scissors :)
You all are amazing!!
For this giveaway I decided to compile 10 of my most favorite things!
a giveaway!

1. I have an "old camera" collection that I absolutely adore!! I picked up this one, this weekend to add to my giveaway :)
2. ACEO's i love them and I collect them as well. This is one from Elsie Flannigan of RVA.
3. chocolate...enough said!
4. my very favorite lip gloss ever from Bath and Body Works
5. The Invisible Children is one of my most favorite causes to support. I am putting one of their bracelets made in Africa in their encampments in the giveaway too!
6. a TOMS sticker for my favorite shoes :)
7. Essie nail polish in my favorite spring color, Lavendar
8. colored tights... a Spring must have!
9. stationary!!! love love love
10. A custom portrait by me of YOU! because you readers are my favorite :)

You MUST be a follower to enter this giveaway!
Spring to me is all about the florals right now :)
So, leave me a comment letting me know your favorite type of flower. This will give you one entry to my giveaway!!
Blog about it and/or tweet it and I will give you another entry! Just let me know :)
I will draw a winner on my birthday April 5!!! Check back!! Im excited.

I love love love you.

the mini and some other things :)

Well, this weekend, my sister and I spent the weekend at a Scrapbook type bed and breakfast. It has everything you could ever need, all of your meals, snacks, drinks, ANYTHING included. It was great!!
We met some really cool ladies from Kansas City too that I hope to hang out with again sometime!!
Anyway, my sister needed to scrap book her wedding and I decided to do a little mini book all about my last trip with my crafty-bloggy friends!!
Here it is:
Yay! As you can see, I am still missing a few pictures that I will add in the next time I do some printing :) I think it turned out great and it makes me really happy looking at it and remembering those great times with my great friends!!

AND now I will show you eight LOVELY reasons to go to the antique malls in Jefferson City, Missouri :)
(which can also be eight reasons never to go to an antique mall without any money :D)
1. Enid Collins Bag number one

2. Enid Collins Bag number two

3. this awesome mug :)

4. This "Royal" beauty in perfect condition and perfect case

5. This to die for cross-stich

6. ummm...Abe Lincoln after shave anyone? (Jamie!!)

7. beautful thermos collections

8. and I seriously loved this old mail carrier bag :)

** Seriously each antique mall we stopped at between the Lake of the Ozarks and St. Louis was beyond amazing and afordable and packed with treasures! I did score an antique quilt top (amaaaaaazing) and a gorgeous needle-point pillow though. I will share pics of those finds later!!
I will post the giveaway details later tonight so definitely check back!!

28 March 2010


I had such a great weekend away :) I made a super cute mini book all about my last trip to Springfield.
I need to wait until tomorrow, for better lighting, to take pictures of it to show you. It's soooo cute!
Until then, I thought I would leave you with seven things that I adore right this moment :)
1. This cute hairstyle. I really wish I could do this with my hair.

2. instax!

3. sunshine <3 I love it so much. I am definitely ready for it to stay awhile.

4. chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven

5. puppies!

6. tree houses

7. antique malls <3 and all of the lovely treasures they hold.

Ok my friends :) That is it for tonight! Tomorrow I will be back with a weekend recap and a giveaway too.
It looks like run with scissors has reached 500 followers!!
I love you.
night friends.