07 January 2010

Running With Inspiration!!

(BTW- I am totally copying this portion of the post directly from Jamie's blog. So it may be confusing as to why it looks like I am speaking of myself as Jamie, ha!)
P.S. Jamie...I LOVE the picture!!

"Oh yes! It's back!

Running with Inspiration - a little week-long challenge between Janel and myself.
We did this last year and you can check out all mine here, which also link to Janel's.

I'm super excited! I love doing this because it really forces me to get creative.
We've each chosen three words/phrases and will have 6 days of projects to share based on the word or phrase of the day. We want you to play along as well!!! The night before, the next day's word or phrase will be given. We can't wait to see what you come up with too!

We will be starting on Monday and that day's word or phrase will be posted on Sunday nite!
I get soooo excited when I see that Janel has posted a blog showing what she's created for that day!!!!
Who's with us??? It will be funnnnn!!!!"

And speaking of fun, here are some more FUN peace pictures!!! I love this project:

Yesterday, was a muuuuch needed unplugged day. I have had a headache for what seems like 2 weeks straight and I know it is due to the mix of the iphone, Degrassi marathons, and this computer. I didn't do any of the above all day yesterday and I felt completely refreshed. I needed it. Today, is a snooooow day! No school for me and I looooove it <3
Im crossing my fingers to have tomorrow of too! We shall see...
happy thursday.
Ill be back tonight with another post, most likely :)


  1. I wrote this over at Jamie's blog too but it sounds like fun and I think I may give it a try too! You two are such inspirations!

  2. So looking forward to see what you two create this time around. I am hoping to join in on the fun too!

    I took a "snow day" today too and am going to try and give my craft room some much needed love!! Then I will be prepared for this challenge come Sunday!

    Enjoy your day off and hope you get to feeling better!!

  3. I love this idea, Hopefully I will be taking my peace pic today!! I am totally in on you and Jamie's project it looks like so much fun!!

  4. this sounds like so much fun! I got my thread holder at Wal-Mart of all place and spray painted pink!

    the peace pictures are so great!

  5. Oh, how exciting my babies pics are on your blog!!! I hope that your headache goes away soon, my kids are having a snow day as well...actually a snow week!


  6. hahahaha. that post it on the baby is adorable.

    i'm needing an unplugged day too. sigh....

  7. I found your blog through Jamie and I love this idea!!!! I already follow Jamie and I'm going to add you to my list of followers! :)


  8. an unplugged day sounds lovely. I need to take one :]

    Your new project with Jamie sounds like so much fun!

  9. I love this pass on the peace business, love it!

  10. Love the pics. Wish we got snow days up here in Canada but unfortunately we are used to lots of snow and have no excuses. Bah! Love your blog!



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