31 October 2009

Happy Halloween <3

Happy Halloween to all of my wonderful friends!
We are going to a big Halloween party tonight at my sister's new house. Im sure I will have loads of fun pics to share later :)

30 October 2009

a week in the life-day four

Today was a half day at school, and also the class' fall parties. One parent wanted her sons birthday cupcakes to be seperate from the fall cupcakes so she asked if we could do birthday cupacakes in Art Class istead of in his classroom where the fall party would be later.
I said of course!
Hence, the cupcakes :) Im nice like that :)

Did you know that they made cupcakes to look like cakes now?
One of my second graders asked if they could take a picture of me with my phone...again, of course!!

nice job kid :) But, you can see that I wore my awesome glow-in-the-dark skelton shirt from RVA today :)

While everyone else was partying, I fold some paper cranes to add to my flock in the hallway.

and added my brand new markers into the marker buckets :)

School was out at about noon so that teacher's could have a half day to do Report Cards and get their conferences scheduled. I got my report cards done last week :) Again, Im cool like that!
So I...

cleaned out my supply closet,

attempted to figure out the kiln (no luck)

spray painted some of the Louise Nevelson assemblage sculptures,

saved all of the LPS animals from their fate of spray paint!!

wrote out my plans for next week,

and took a picture of one of my favorite little nooks in my classroom to show you :)
BTW- I have been jouranling a lot lately and have been forgetting to show you my pages!
Here you go:

This afternoon, I have been crocheting a giant granny square :) Becky, from Strumpet's Crumpets, is making one and I was inspired! I decided this could be another way (minus binding) to make an afghan :) Perfect! Although, last night when I started it, it was dim and I thought I was using a chocolate brown and a gold...

Turns out I am using an eggplant color and a burnt orange. It's looks OK together though. It'll do. I think it is going to end up as a Christmas gift anyway :)
Tonight I have been crocheting some more, and working on Adam's Halloween costume. He's going to be a broken heart (get it?) I also went to Target and picked up some things we were needing and some goodies to send in Happy Mail :)
Alright, that is it for tonight!

a week in the life of janel-day three

I think that I officially am bad at this project. I actually forgot mid-way through the day yesterday! I will go ahead and post what I have and work hard to do better today...promisecakes <3

woke up at 6:30 am and the only light is the glow from my laptop as I read my daily blogs :)

I need this first thing in the morning to survive 400 children. I am down to only one and a half of these a day though. That is progress!

listened to my favorite "get pumped for the day" CD from from my sweet friend Jenny <3

I decided to take my fall boquet from yesterday and write little messages on them with my white pen and then throw them out my window onto the playfround for kiddos to find (idea from Elaine).

I actually had two students come in to show me that they found special leaves with messages on them at recess!! They were sooooo cute. It's our little secret that I wrote them ok??
**That is officially all I had for yesterday.
After that I had a crazy day at school the rest of the day.
* Got home and read Alice in Wonderland
* watched some Disney Channel
* crocheted
* baked my new mug
* ate a salad and a chocolate chip cookie
* watched "Someone Like You"
* watched Project Runway and Models of the Runway
* Trained my brain on my DS
* browsed the RVA update...love!
* crocheting all the while
* snuggled with my man
* sleep at midnight :)

Today I will try super hard to do better.
Today should actually be a really fun day!
I decided that I am going to be a Day of the Dead calavera for Halloween.
I am actually copying my sister, she's so cool like that.
I was inspired by this pic as well:

I will definitely take pictures of the finished look tomorrow :)
**On a side note, as much as I like rain, it hasn't stopped, it seems like, since September!!

Can someone please send some sunshine my way :)
Thank GOD it's Friday is all I have to say.
Have a great one!
Show me some comment love, I need it today :)

28 October 2009

a week in the life of janel- day two

I'm pink. He's green <3

new shampoo (organic lavender and eucalyptus) and I like it.

today i wore make-up.

my "C day" schedule...c days are my favorite!

what my desk looks like today.

two lovely gifts from students first thing in the morning. a boquet of sugar maple leaves and a BFFL mickey moused out sticker paper <3 love love love my job.

i truly do.

video about Romare Bearden

i cleaned the condo, my baby got me a surprise at Starbucks <3

he also surprised me with my very own Starbucks mug that I can decorate any way I want and bake it! sweeeeet :D
** Going to watch ANTM
** Going to journal
** Going to finish the laundry
** Going to sleep <3

the girl who does it all

I feel like I have a million posts about how awesome my friend Vivs is :) I can't help it. I can truly truly truly say that I feel sooo blessed that our paths crossed and intertwined and that we connected so quickly. She is a friend for life, a best friend for life.
As of late, I have been obsessed with her Flickr photo stream. Her pictures ALWAYS have such a dreamy quality to them.
Here are some of my most recent favorites. I love that she can take pictures of such ordinary things and make them look utterly extraordinary:

So, Im pretty sure that this girl can do just about anything!!
Leave her some comment love on this post or on her blog, her flickr, and DEFINITELY check out her amazing shop here :)