31 March 2011

love letters-week 4

the corners

Some of my most favorite areas, in my own home, are the corners.  I love all of the little mis-matched items and small collections that create a display of sorts in many of the corners in our home.
I have been endlessly searching for inspiration and creating mood boards in my journal for a new house and these photos have been a great source to spark my decorative thinking :)
Here are some very beautiful, inviting, and inspiring corners found in other people's homes.

Aren't they amazing?  I just want to jump inside some of these photos and tour the  rest of the house, don't you?  Do you have any fun corners in your space?  
You can find all of these lovely images and sources on my pinboard!


30 March 2011

so ready...


I am so ready for spring to come, and stay!
I want to see hydrangea's and peonies blooming a plenty.
I would like sunshine and fluffy clouds.
I would like picnics, garage sales, and long walks with Adam and Cat.
I am ready.
Is anyone with me?


P.S. the winner of the "Polka dots are Love" giveaway is:
With Love, Jamie!!
Yay Jamie, email me and I will send your info on to Charlie <3

29 March 2011

the wedding album

This was one of the goals that I just never felt motivated enough to do. I am happy to say that I finished my simple little wedding album and I love it <3

I used the "Curated" Digital Scrapbook kit which was a collaboration between Danielle Thompson of Kitschy Digitals and Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press :)

For my "St. Louis wedding photos, I used Danielle's pages for a kitschy, vintage look.  I think the black and white photos from this ceremony look perfect with her bright colors.  Here are a few of those pages:

And for my brightly colored, Cozumel beach wedding, I choose Liz's simple but absolutely sweet, pages.  Here are a few of those pages:

I just love the way that it turned out.  It was so easy to do, and so worth it.  After I completed all of the pages, I uploaded them to Snapfish, and turned them into a wedding album.
Now I just have to save enough money and find a coupon code so that I can have this printed and in our home <3
Thank you for looking.


28 March 2011

frank lloyd wright

One of my Spring Break goals was to see another Frank Lloyd Wright house.  This was also another one of my 30 before 31 goals.  I have seen all of the homes that are within a couple hours of a drive from St. Louis so I was a little stressed as to how I was going to accomplish this goal.  I am so not a fan of driving.  Little did I know, my dad knew of a privately owned FLW house right here in St. Louis in a secluded little wooded area.
So with that, my mom, dad and I piled in the car with the camera and headed over there.  It is definitely hard to see from any roads and is way far down a gravel driveway.  My mom, being the rebel that she is, drove right down the driveway and we hopped out to take photos for my goal book and blog.
No one was there and sadly, it looks pretty run down but still AMAZING.

Can you even imagine living in a FLW home? Oh my goodness what a dream!
So yeah, another goal crossed off the list. 
AND another reason to love my parents so much.


instax update...

Week 11:   
Before our painting adventure began, I decided to take my paint sample and paint a lovely love letter to my Mr. on the wall of my studio :)

Week 12:  
My Welcome wall :)  It's a collection and a favorite!

Week 13:
My sweet sweet little girl, Catalina!

Back at school, back with my scanner, back with the instax photo challenge :)


more home inspo...

I have got a serious case of home decor fever :)
It's pretty much all I think about these days.  I can not wait to get a house and I can not wait to decorate and make it look and feel like a home.
So, here are some more of my pins from Pintrest that I found mouth watering-ly amazing!

oh Mid century modern....I love you so much!!!

26 March 2011

9 days...

until my birthday!
just sayin'

Sponsor Feature and Giveaway!!

 Charlie DeBoever

Tell us a bit about your Blog/Shop:
 Polka Dots are Love started in August as a way to motivate me to pursue my crafty adventures.  My blog follows me on my journey as I continue to create, collect, reinvent, and learn. :)

I recently opened my Etsy shop, and hope to use it as a way to share my humble creations with the world. I just made my first real shop update and I am excited to see where it goes!

What are 3 goals that you have for your blog/shop this year?
      My goals are to blog more consistently, sell at least 10 things from my Etsy shop, and do a blog makeover. 

What is your favorite Spring time activity?
   I think my favorite Spring time activity would have to be going for walks and enjoying the sunshine!

Where else can we find you online?

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