29 January 2010

66 days and counting...

I have had this post in my "draft" category for about 2 weeks now because I felt it was too early to post something pertaining to my birthday.
A huge thank you to Leigh-Ann for posting her birthday wishlist last week because her birthday is actually 6 days AFTER mine.
Not I can justify posting it because if LA did it, it must be cool right??
So, April 5 is my big 3-0 birthday!! Insane if you ask me. I'm pretty sure I don't look 30 and I am 100% sure I act more like a 15 year old than a 30 year old.
Etsy, is obviously an amazing source for any gift-buying/receiving and I am very serious about supporting indie businesses and artists so I am going to make my list of strictly Etsy items that I would love for my birthday:
1. A thread spool holder. I like this one, but any one would do :)

2. This lovely cross-stitched locket.

3. or these cross-stitched earrings

4. i am in love with this custom silhouette portrait ring

5. this sticker pack

6. one of these

7. THIS CHAIR (i love love love it, hence the caps)

8. And of course, any of these things from Rob Ryan's shop :)

That is just a little sample of things I love :) You know, I like to make sure you have lots of options :)
Now, remember Adam, you can't wait when it comes to Etsy!!
A girl can dream right??
love love love you!


  1. I hope that you get everything you dream of and more!!

  2. I have a feeling I need to post mine too...being that it's in July and all ha! :P

    Good, good, GOOD list! Love it! <3

  3. oh my I love that camera!!! so cute!!!
    Great List!

  4. Good news babe, I'm buying everything on this list...in imagination land :)

  5. I hope you get what you really really want.

    That camera is so cute!

  6. loving the rob ryan tapes...sigh

  7. LOL... remember adam....


    okay giggletime over. i have a running list on my desktop of stuff i want. i started it january 1st as a way to *not* shop.... i put it on my "wish list" instead. i should blog about this.


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