30 June 2009

day two of quilt number three...

"I was also influenced by a few pages in a book called Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them, by Ruth Finley. It told a romantic tale of the days when people gathered to sew quilts all day, shared a delicous supper, and then danced together in the evening hours. Over and over I read the few pages about the old-time quilting bees. I daydreamed about who would share my quilts and my life one day..."
(Another favorite excerpt from my new book)
Today was my second day working on the Modified Bento Box Quilt. I cut all of the strips to do the third ring on each block, I pressed, and I sewed, and I am still loving it :) I am even enjoying the ironing part! My mom would be so proud of that :) Here are picture of the quilt blocks today....

I have one more ring to do around each block which I think I am going to wait until tomorrow to do...we shall see! I may be back with another post tonight so check back :)


  1. it's looking great!! absolutely loving it!!

  2. You are doing a superb job Janel. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you ladies!! I am definitely still a beginner but I am having so much fun!!

  4. What an awesome job on your quilting. I'm so proud of you!! I wish we could quilt side by side. I LOVE your fabulous colors!! You are inspiring me to get my machine humming soon!! Keep up the great work.

    Love ~M

  5. i am more and more in love with it with every post you make!

  6. That is seriously SO gorgeous. Be honest. How hard is quilting?

  7. HONESTLY!! It is really easy :) I wouldn't do it if it wasn't :)


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