20 June 2009

Photobooth Friday <3

A day late!!

I knew that I wanted this to be my pic and the camera didn't come until this morning so here it is! I ran out of the shower to get it :) So, I ordered this camera on Wednesday at about 1:30am and it came TODAY, all the way from Hong Kong!! I am in love with it. If I was a camera, I would probably marry it!! It's perfect! The seller is awesome! Here is a link to the seller for everyone who emailed me asking :)
It was the cheapest price that I had seen with the most extras, plus I didn't have to wait hardly at all!!
Here it it : http://stores.shop.ebay.com/buyeasyworkshop__W0QQ_armrsZ1

I am off to take a million little polaroids! Have a great Saturday full of blue skies, sunshine, ice cream and love!


  1. Haha...very cool! Thanks for sharing the link - can't wait to see what pictures you take!! :)

  2. Awesome! Have fun with it!!! Can't wait to see the itty bitty polaroids you take!!! I can't wait to have extra money to get myself one!!!

    Ha! My word verification is foreel. That makes me laugh. These word verifications get me laughing all the time. Maybe I'm just simple like that. =)

  3. i have the chocolate one! it was my birthday present to myself earlier this month

    i am in love with it as well!!!



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