14 June 2009

Change of plans...

This morning, Adam and I awoke to someone ringing the doorbell at around 9:00am. It was Nicole!! yay! She invited Adam and I to go to the Scratch and Dent furniture sale and to the art festival going on down at The Central West End. Plus, free McDonald's breakfast!! Who can pass that up, right? I was sooooo excited. I even made Adam run back in the house to get my camera because remember, my goal is to document my summer with pictures! Even more exciting, is that The Central West End was on my list of St. Louis must sees this summer :)
So, we drive to the furniture sale at about 9:30am and there are people waiting outside, in a line, in chairs with coolers. (I had forgotton how crazy people got for this sale :D). We asked what time the sale started...NOON! Peace out! We were sooo not waiting that long. Kind of wish we did :)
We left Westport and headed to the CWE where we found rockstar parking and where I also realized was where The Cupcakery was!! Bonus!
As we are walking through the gates to get into the festival, I am revelling in the cuteness of this area. There were people and their dogs sitting outside at cafe's just chatting, gorgeous houses and cute little boutiques and BAM!!...a curb too!! Totally did not see the curb and literally "crumpled" (Adam's word for it) to the ground. I totally heard my ankle pop. You know how when you fall you have to gather your bearings about yourself and then you instantly just feel embarassed that you "ate it" in front of bazillion people? Adam and Nicole literally were just looking at me and staring. I laughed, but then I felt it, and it really really really hurt. For those that know me, they know that I am not a baby when it comes to pain. I didn't even cry when I broke my arm before. I didn't cry, but it really hurt and I couldn't stand up. It also swelled up and bruised almost instantly. Fortunately we were at the CWE and two orthopedic surgeons just happened to be right there:) Yay! They checked me out and "felt" that there were no obvious breaks in my ankle but said that I should really go to Barnes and get it x-rayed. Again, I guess if you are going to hurt yourself, it's best to do it a block away from one of the world's top ranked hospitals. Good job Janel!!
Here we are during our 3 1/2 hour visit in the Emergency Room:

my poor swollen ankle :(

Nicole was getting so delerious :) She was actually going through cabinets and playing with a glow-in-the dark "duck bill" (ladies, you know what that is) when the doctor came in and told me that my ankle was NOT BROKEN! yay! Just a "second degree sprain and torn ligament" (that is what my discharge paper said). So, I got wrapped, took some ibuprofen and we were finally out of there!!
Adam and Nicole wanted to get me home but I really really really wanted that stinkin cupcake from The Cupcakery, no matter what. So, dragging my left leg behind me we went back to CWE had a cupcake, browsed a few booths, and had lunch at Bar Louie.

I am loving all of these cute "Park" signs that I am finding :) Also, I took this picture of the arch on our way back home. I literally never tire of seeing it. I am still amazed by it every time!

I can officially check The Central West End off of my list now and I got a second cupcake to eat later when Im laying in bed with my foot elevated and an ice pack on it. Crazy day but well spent with really great people!! Thank you Nicole and Adam for being there with me :) Love you both soooo much!!
*AND, as promised, I will be back later with the winner of the give-a-way!! promisecakes :D


  1. Oh my goodness, girl! I'm glad you're ok! Those pics of you and Nicole had me cracking up! Hilarious! Love the one with the rubber glove! lol So how were the Cupcakery cupcakes? Hope your ankle is feeling better real soon!!! Big hugs!!!

  2. oh my goodness!! i am so sorry, but am totally laughing, why...cause it sounds like me! i am a total clutz and fall/trip/run into something everytime i go out of the house!
    glad everything is ok and it is not broke! at least it will be an excuse to be taken care of :) and to eat cupcakes!
    st. louis is so pretty and can't wait to visit!!
    miss you and loves you!!
    xoxo kimi

  3. ohhhh, your poor ankle!! LOVE the er pics though haha. i would totally take pics if i was in the er.

    stay off that ankle!!!!!!!!!! and feel better!

  4. Yikes! Hope your ankle heals soon.

  5. You just wanted to show off your cute Toms! In the pic of Nicole wearing the glove, your face almost made me pee my pants!

  6. awww im so sorry to hear about your ankle, but it sounds like you managed to have a good time anyway.. even in the hospital by the looks of your pictures!

    by the way, those cupcakes look delicious!

    cant wait for the drawing!!

  7. What an adventure! Happy to see you never lost your sense of humor throughout the whole thing. You had yummy cupcakes too.

    PS Loving the Toms

  8. Missed you at church today....boo hoo...sorry about your ankle!

  9. congratulations on being able to get your dream couch! since we're using a navy leather super small loveseat probably stolen from a 90's grunge band's practice space, i hope that i too can one day own a couch i'm super in love with.

    too bad about your ankle--i have really weak ankles, so they are giving out all of the time and i'm sooo afraid this will happen to me one day. it looks like you had plenty to help you smile through it (the emergency room pics and stories crack me up).

    hope you're back on both feet soon!


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