15 June 2009

updates :)

Yikes-a-roo! My ankle hurts sooo much worse today and is not looking so hot either. Check it out:

Seriously, watch for curbs :) lol
Thank goodness I had all of these inspirational blogs to look at and read today or I would have gone insane, laying in bed all day!! An extra thank you to Vivs for chatting with me online forever today :) Chatting with Vivs=always a good time!
I also had this little sweetie pie sleeping next to me and gaurding me all day :) loooove her:

I finally got so restless that I went into cleaning mode and decorating mode :) Here are some new pictures of what I did in my living room today :)

My favorite garage sale find from this past weekend was this antique shipping crate! I love it and it now holds the television that we never watch! lol.

I finally put up my Ashley G. montage above my sweet pink rocking chair:

love her style <3
And here is what I am thinking for the mantle above my fireplace. I am not sure about it yet but I am thinking that I really like it a lot. I have collected old cameras for as long as I can remember. I have actually gotton rid of a lot of them but stumbled across these in my china cabinet (weird!). Here is the full picture and then I will show you each of them individually :) They are really sooo cool!

I also re-organized one of my shelves. Here is a quick shot of it:

and one more photo montage of my favorite photographer Les Slesnik!! Favorite!!

Yay! The living room is definitely coming along well. My ankle is officially mad at me for not resting it so I am off to elevate and ice. Thank you again to all of the amazing ladies who guest blogged here today at Run With Scissors. You ladies are amazing and so inspiring and I appreciate you all so much!!!
nighty night!


  1. i love the way you've decorated and your ankle looks.. colorful. Feel better, my love!

  2. Beautiful Janel!
    I love your house pictures.
    PS - I will send you some lavender. It's a promise.

  3. Your decorating looks awesome! Your ankle...not so much! Ouch!!! I hope it feels lots better tomorrow!!! Get some rest!!!

  4. i loooveee how you decorated with the embroidery hoops--so cute, and i'm warning you i might steal that idea.

    and i really like the idea of using all of the cameras to decorate your fireplace mantle. your collection is awesome!

    rest that ankle lady!! it made me hurt!

  5. ohmygoodness! your poor ankle :(

    i love your camera collection! mine has recently begun growing again, thanks to garage sales. i recently picked up an old brownie camera with a flash as well and posted on my blog about it too!

    hope you get well soon!

  6. oh your poor ankle!!!
    but on a brighter note, your home looks amazing!!!

  7. Haha! Thank you girls!!!

  8. Love the decorating ideas and owwwwwwwwwwwwww. Hope it stops hurtin' soon!


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