26 June 2009

IDSS+Wonderland+new couch =<3

I have been doing so much creating these last few days.  It has been entirely too hot to do fun outdoorsy things so Adam and I have been having fun indoors; Scrabble, Boggle, mini book making, quilting, pillow making, picture taking, movie watching and couch lounging.  It has been nice :)  First, here is the very close to finished produce of my I Do Solemnly Swear Art Journal.  A few pages are still without pictures but will have pictures soon!

The flash is making the silver table cloth on that last page look black but it is a very shiny silver :) I love that journal. Rachel Denbow, your art journaling classes rock!
Now, onto my "Wonderland" mini book. This book is going to be all about my sister and I. I have yet to add any pictures because I want to print some of my faves :) I am calling it complete because all of the pages are ready and all I have to do is slip in some pictures.

I actually love how busy it is. Some books are made to be simple, this one was meant to be busy and colorful! I think it is so cute and I can't wait to finish up my Neverland mini book next!!
Finally, a picture of the new couch!! Yay! I will still take some more living room pics later but for now, here is our couch!!

sleek design, neutral color, comfortable...loves <3
Also, on another exciting note, I am finally a Flickr "Pro." I get to have one of those cutie Flickr widgets over there on the side bar!! I also can see all of the old pictures that vanished off of my profile because I wasn't a pro!....now I am :) Check it out!
Later, I am going to post about some seriously exciting SPARK news!!


  1. Love the couch! Your pillows look awesome on it!!! Looove the journal pages!!! You are seriously rockin those pages!!! Looove the Wonderland book!!! A treasure, fo sho! Love, love, love!!! Love you!!! You're so inspiring!!! xoxo

  2. oooohhhhhhhh so jealous of your scrapbooking/journaling skills

  3. wow, you have been busy girl! i loooove your IDSS pages, and the neverland mini is super cute too. congrats on being so productive, i admire you! hopefully i'll get my IDSS pages done and up soon, i feel like such a slacker!

  4. thanks for the kind words--they help tremendously!

    all of your pages look soo cute!

    and the couch is great! not too far from the 1st dream one--but probably alot more comfortable. i can't believe it ended up being that tiny!

  5. I love, love your art journal pages they absolutely rock!
    Oh a let's not forget the Alice and Wonderland mini book it is too cute. I looked for it at RVA but I think they sold out...: (

    Great work.

  6. Janel... I tried to email you but my computer is acting up. I had a couple of questions for you... What type of pen to you prefer for your journaling? You have inspired me to start a journal. I bought one and decorated it tonight. I am going to do your 30 day journal prompt from your blog. Super excited. I might try putting it on my blog. I am a little nervous o see how it turns out. Not that good of a sketcher. My second question is about your scrapbook/journal pages. Wht type of product do you use for your pages? Cardboard? I haven't stepped out of the "scrapbook album" yet but I am ready!! You can email me at: cantrellamber@hotmail.com

    Thank you ao much!!


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